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Hi Guys! Welcome to my very first blog post. Now I’m sure most of the people reading this are the friends I forced to read this so you all know that I basically collect makeup but, for anyone who doesn’t know I am OBSESSED with makeup. Makeup and the artistry of makeup is something that I have been interested in for a couple of years now. I love trying new products but since I am only 22 years old and don’t make a lot of money once I find something that works I usually stick with it. So that’s what we are here to talk about, my favorite products. I am going to tell you all about my favorite liquid products from moisturizer to my favorite concealers. So go grab a drink a snack and your reading glasses because we may be here a while.

Moisturizer : Neutrogena Hyrdo Boost water gel $19.99 banner1_0

Before you can put any makeup on you need to take care of your skin because no matter how expensive your high end your makeup is, if you don’t take care of your skin the makeup will emphasize what’s going on underneath. I wash my face every morning and then go in with this moisturizer. Moisturizer like most makeup is very personal because it all depends on your skin type, I tend to have dry skin, in between my eyebrows and on my chin in particular. I never put on makeup without moisturizing first or else my skin will look very dehydrated and the makeup won’t blend the way that I want it to. I have been using this moisturizer for about two years. I prefer the formula for extra dry skin because it gives extra hydration but i usually just get whatever is in stock. The consistency is just like the name described its a gel which makes it sink into the skin quickly. This is usually all I do to prep my skin and it gets the job done really well.

Primer: Smashbox Primer Water $ 32.00 ; Maybelline Smoothing & Blur $9.99

Now like I said I usually only use moisturizer to prep my skin but sometimes when I want that extra step I will use a primer. These are two of my favorites. I haven’t used the smashbox in a little while simply because I haven’t been able to afford it but I have gone through a few bottles and I really enjoyed it. Now I’m not totally positive it made my makeup last any longer because I never really tested it for that reason. When i was using this product I was a college student so I never really had the need for my makeup to last long hours but, it did feel very hydrating and refreshing first thing in the morning and for me, that made it worth the price tag. Now the next primer may come as a surprise because it’s more targeted for oily skin BUT i have found it doesn’t mattify my face it just well does what it says smooths. It almost leaves a very soft focus affect on your skin. It also blurs out my pores, for me personally pores aren’t really an issue for me but i do still like the look of them being filled in and having a smooth even base to apply my foundation to.

Foundation: True Match Lumi $12.99, Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Powerless $7.99 , Makeup Forever Ultra HD ( liquid & stick) $43.00


Now I have a lot of foundations but when you ask me my favorites 3 come to mind…well okay maybe four. My first has been my favorite for a while now and that is the True Match Lumi by L’Oreal. There are many things I love about it but my favorite thing about it is the shade. In case you don’t know I am extremely pale like I am almost reflective I’m that pale and I have peach pink undertones. Most foundations at the drugstore 1. don’t have a test (that needs to change asap) 2. have a yellow undertone or 3. oxidizes and becomes to dark for me. I wear shade W1-W2 porcelain/soft ivory and it works perfectly for me. Now the actual formula of this foundation is more for dry skin ( if you have oily skin i would try the regular true match) I have tried both but i prefer the lumi for my skin type. The reason I say it’s better for dry skin is because it has a glow to it & not a over powering you’ll look like a vampire glow but it just gives some life to your skin. The coverage of this foundation is about medium, i’ve never had the need for it be full coverage so I’m  not sure if it’s build able. It does hide what you want to hide but it still looks like your skin.

My next favorite just like the primer may come as shock because it’s for oily skin and I said I’m dry but over the summer I noticed my t-zone was getting oily so maybe my skin is changing who knows, all I know is really enjoy this foundation. I should probably tell you what the product is before I keep rambling on about it, it’s the maybelline fit me matte & poreless. When I use this I still do tend to put a little extra moisturizer in between my eyebrows and on my chin especially if I haven’t exfoliated in a few days. This product doesn’t look extra dry or cakey on me which I really like about it. The coverage again is medium like all my foundations because I HATEEEEEEE feeling my foundation on my face. This product may be just a summer product for me because I  haven’t tested it out in the dry cold PA winters. The only thing I  would change is I wish it had a pump because pouring it out can sometimes turn into a disaster and then you end up wasting product.

The last two favorite foundations kinda go hand in hand because they are kinda the same thing but yet TOTALLY different. They are the makeup forever Ultra HD foundation in liquid form and in stick form. I first want to point out that i got the wrong undertone in the liquid so at the moment i am not sure which i prefer better, let me try out the liquid in the right shade and I will get back to you. The coverage on both is medium to full, the stick tends to lean more towards full coverage because of how opaque it goes onto your skin. When i use the stick I do a strip on my each cheek one on my forehead and one on my chin.  Since i haven’t used the liquid in a while they are both kinda tided for me so it comes down to personal preference on if you like stick foundation or liquid foundation, both of them make your skin look beautiful.

`Concealer: Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer $28.00, Maybelline Fit Me $6.99

Okay now before I talk about my favorite concealers let’s just take a second to take a deep breathe and stretch because that was a lot of foundation talk…..*deep breath* ahh okay, now back to the makeup. Concealer is probably one of my favorite things in makeup (i say this about every category i just REALLY love makeup okay.) My first favorite is actually a little painful to mention because i didn’t realize i paid almost 30 dollars for a concealer, and the saddest part is I would do it 100 times over because it’s THAT good. There is just something about it that makes it almost life changing ( is that a little dramatic? probably but oh well) It’s the perfect consistency the perfect coverage it’s perfect for under eye highlighting or covering blemishes on your face. It’s lightweight but has really nice coverage and honestly there are just so many good things I can say about this concealer so just bite the bullet and spend that 28 dollars because i promise you won’t regret it. My next favorite is a lot easier on the wallet and that is the maybelline fit me. I have been using this concealer for years, i discovered it when I was trying to find a dupe for the Nar radiant creamy concealer and honestly i think the maybelline one is better. Again the consistency is lovely it’s liquidy but still covers really well. I really like to use this to highlight my under eyes (also quick honorable mention to the maybelline age rewind concealer, this is also great for highlighting the under eyes) and sometimes when I’m feeling really lazy I use the fit me concealer all over my face. I do wish they had more shades so that it worked for more skin tones but overall it’s a really great concealer and I always have at least one on hand.

Well, that about wraps up all my favorite liquid products. I really hope you found this post enjoyable and somewhat informative. I am always looking for new things to try so if you have a favorite primer foundation or concealer that you think i should try please leave it down below. In the next post we are going to be talking all about my favorite powders meaning my favorite blushes, bronzers, highlighters (swoons) and setting powders. Until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x

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