Girl Talk; Makeup Shaming

Hello! long time no talk….it’s been a while since i’ve posted. I know we’ve been talking about all my favorite products but today I wanted to talk about something that I feel very passionate about, and that is makeup shaming. In today’s world everyone & their sister (or brother) wants to be a social media makeup artist. They are always trying to one-up each other with their creativity, which I think is great I love scrolling through my instagram feed seeing all these different looks. However, with all that comes haters.

To me and I’m sure for a lot of other people, makeup is a form of art. A way to release their creativity. For me, my face is my canvas and my makeup is my paint and the same way a painter goes to paint a beautiful photo that others may not understand, I am trying to do that same thing..but on my face. Sometimes when I’m on social media I will see girls who don’t have the same passion for makeup saying things like “How do they have time for that, they look like a completely different person, it’s not cute.” Now I’m not saying everyone needs to be obsessed with makeup, that’s actually the exact opposite of what i’m saying but, for the girls and boys who are in love with makeup we shouldn’t be criticized for that. I personally find doing my makeup therapeutic, sure most days I want to just quickly throw on my everyday makeup and go to work but, somedays I want to pull out every eyeshadow i own (and i own a lot) just to see what my mind comes up with and then if I don’t like it, I just wash it off. Also for others, it is their job to come up with creative content for their followers, they have to push boundaries because not many people want to see a brown smokey eye everyday.

Now i am fully aware that makeup shaming goes both ways, woman who choose to not wear makeup are made to feel like they are “less of a woman” because of it and pardon my french but I think that is complete bullshit. I have worked very hard for many years to become comfortable going out without makeup and I think if a woman can do that on a daily basis & feel beautiful within herself, all the power too her!

I think the biggest thing I want everyone to take from this post is that, it’s just makeup. There are so many bigger problems in the world that it shouldn’t matter if you see someone in the grocery store with glitter all over their face or with nothing on their face. Makeup is a tool that helps woman and men feel beautiful and who are YOU to tell someone what’s beautiful or not. Everyone’s makeup is beautiful, even if it’s not something you personally like or would wear, if the person wearing it finds it beautiful that’s all that matters. Spread more love, it’s only makeup it comes off at the end of the day.

Thank you for reading, I hope you always feel beautiful regardless of how much or how little makeup you are wearing. What you wear on your face does not define who you are, what’s inside your heart matters a lot more then what’s on your eyelids. Until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x

Simply Michelle

Hi! I’m Mich. I’m a 26 year old young woman trying to navigate adulthood and all the challenges it brings. On Simply Michelle you will find genuine posts about a wide range of topics from mental health & faith to makeup & baking. This is my safe place to be vulnerable and hopefully you'll feel that you can do the same. I hope you stick around!

Be Nice. Be Good. x

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  1. Love the post! This is so true!

    Would love it if you would check out my blog 💖

  2. What a beautiful piece. I really enjoyed reading this <3 xx

  3. santana says:

    this is sooo true! thanks for saying that.

  4. This is so true honestly! It’s just makeup! Lovely and very important post

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