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Hello! Welcome Back! Happy Saturday today we are going to talk about palettes in my collection that have disappointed me. For some reason or another these palettes just haven’t worked out for me. I want to quickly make a disclaimer that just because these palettes didn’t work for me doesn’t mean they won’t work for someone else or that I dislike these brands, some of my favorite products come from these brands but certain products just didn’t live up to my expectations.

  1. Mac Burgendy times 9 palette

The first palette I’m going to talk about is the Mac burgundy times 9 palette. This was the first mac product i’ve ever owned and I was really excited about it. It’s full of the types of shades that I enjoy, golds and cranberry which help my blue eyes stand out. However, this palette really let me down. The pan sizes are very small making it not a good value for money. The matte shades are what really disappointed me, when I would swatch them I would get absolutely NO pigmentations. The two lighter matte shades that would be used as transition shades were practically useless making it hard to do a complete look with the palette. The shades in this palette look beautiful but they are hard to work with. This palette is a nice idea because it’s compact for traveling and it gives you a way to try a lot of mac shades for a lower price, but I would recommend saving your money for full size mac shades.

Mac palette .jpg
$32.00 USD
  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made palette

The next palette I’m going to talk about is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made palette. Unfortunately you can no longer get this palette because it was a nice palette, the reason I find it disappointing is because it just doesn’t inspire me. I think this palette is a little all over the place with its color scheme, it’s lacking in matte shades making it hard to create a full look using just this palette. Anastasia Beverly Hills has a lot of beautiful palettes and the shades in this one are pigmented and they blend well it just doesn’t get my creative juices flowing, I’ve had it for about two years and I can’t remember the last time I used it.

Self Made
$35.00 USD
  1. Urban Decay On The Run palette

The last palette that I find disappointing is the Urban Decay On The Run palette. I got this palette because I have all the other palettes from the naked range and it was a special limited edition holiday item( you can no longer get this palette either). This palette has eyeshadows, face powders, a smaller perversion mascara, a smaller 24/7 glide on eyeliner and a naked lipgloss in it, I found most of them disappointing. The shades in this palette are kinda boring if I’m being honest. They are all matte or shimmer brown shades that you could find in a 100 different palettes. Also the face powders weren’t  impressive either, the bronzer in this palette is too light for me and I am extremely fair, the highlighter in this palette is powdery and doesn’t pack the punch that I desire from a highlighter which was disappointing to me. The mascara and eyeliner were nice but I would suggest just buying them on their own.

naked on the run
$54.00 USD


Overall, I wouldn’t recommend these palettes and I should honestly get rid of them. I adore each of these brand but I think they all have palettes that perform better then these and are more worth your money. Leave me a comment of a palette that you found disappointing, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

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