Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Brushes Palette Review

Hello! Welcome Back and Happy Friday the 13th, I hope you guys have had a nice week and that nothing TOO  spooky happens today (leave me a comment down below of the best part of your week.) Today I am going to be doing a review on a palette that i’ve been wanting to review for a while. It’s the Jaclyn Hill Palette from Morphe Brushes in collaboration with Beauty Vlogger sensation Jaclyn Hill. Now I’m going to assume that most of us know who Jaclyn Hill is but if you don’t, she’s the pretty girl down blow. Jaclyn Hill .jpg

Jaclyn created a palette with the brand Morphe Brushes where she got to customize every shade and formula within the palette and I am going to fill you in on all that you need to know about this palette, I will be including swatch photos & photos of makeup looks that I created with this palette so you can see it in action, along with my pros and my cons. Let’s get started!

Things To Know:

  • This palette is $38.00 and can be purchased here or at the Morphe Brush store in California. If you’ve purchased from Morphe before, you will notice that this palette a little more expensive then majority of Morphe Brushes palette’s but, Jaclyn explained that it’s because they used new formulation & new labs to create this palette which were more expensive then their standard palettes.
  • There are 35 shades in this palette
  • There is a balanced mix of matte shades and shimmer/metallic shades



I think this is a beautiful palette, I am a very big supporter of Jaclyn’s so I already had high hopes for this palette and it did not disappoint. The shades are so pigmented, as you will see in the swatch photos. They are extremely buttery and creamy. The pigment is so even all throughout the shades. The shades blend like an absolute dream, they honestly blend themselves which is helpful for everyday because you won’t have to really fuss with the shadows much. Another thing I really enjoy about this palette is you get a nice range of colors, you get your neutral shades but then you have your pops of color. This palette is very versatile & good for both beginners or experienced makeup artists. My favorite thing about this palette is the affordability. I know I said it was more expensive then their usual palettes which it is but, it’s still less then palettes other brands put out & you get double if not triple the amount of shades without giving up the quality.


Now honestly it was kinda hard for me to find anything that I considered a con about this palette because I genuinely do believe Jaclyn knocked it out of this park with this palette. One thing I wish this palette had was a matte grey shade. I know you can find that in a lot of other palettes but I think having that matte cool tone shade would have been a nice addition. The other issue I have with this palette is how challenging it is to get your hands on. This palette normally sells out within an hour of it becoming back in stock. Now that is neither Jaclyn’s or Morphe Brushes fault but it is a little frustrating for those who can’t sit at their computer waiting for it to relaunch.


Now that you guys know my thoughts about the palette I am going to show you swatches row by row both with and without flash. Just a disclaimer these swatches are built up but that’s only so you can see the color at its absolute best.



Overall I think this palette is worth purchasing, as I mentioned above I really do believe that Jaclyn knocked it out of the park with this palette. This palette is currently in stock so I recommend picking it up or putting it on your Christmas list, you won’t regret it.  I know she put a lot of work into it and it really paid off. Every time I use this palette I am blown away by how incredible it is. I am going to leave you with two looks that I have created with this palette, let me know if you’ve tried this palette and what you think of it. Thanks for reading, Until next time…


Be Nice. Be Good.

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