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Hello! Welcome Back! Today I am going to talk about an important topic but also something that has been pretty touchy lately. If you don’t know, I am from America and it seems we’ve had problem after problem and sadly one of our most reoccurring problems is gun violence, specifically in schools. Our most recent massacre was Feb. 14th in Parkland Florida where 17 high school students were killed with an AR-15 by a previous student. This is the first school shooting in a while that has stayed in the news for longer then a week or two, and that’s thanks to none other then the courageous students that survived this shooting and them demanding change. As some of you may know, last week across the nation many schools participated in the National School #Walkout which is where students(most of which don’t have the legal ability to vote yet) used their voices and walked out of school in demands of stricter gun laws. Now this protest wasn’t accepted by everyone some schools took disciplinary actions on students who participated. Also one teacher suggested #Walkupnotout, which in short suggests that instead of walking out of school students should walk up to someone who maybe isn’t sitting with any friends at lunch, or someone who never has someone to talk to in class. I’m suggesting another option #walkupANDout. That’s what we are going to be talking about today.
I believe the walk out was a wonderful thing to happen, I’d like to think that if I was still in school I would have participated in it. I know I would have wanted too but, would I have been to afraid of getting in trouble to actually do it? In all honesty, I probably would have been which is why I have so much respect for the kids that did participate in it regardless of if their school took disciplinary actions against them. The fact that these kids cared so much about this issue even though they may have never been in a school shooting or may have never known someone who was in a school shooting gives me a lot of hope for the future. Older generations are always talking about how entitled and selfish the younger generations are but the fact that thousands if not millions of students all over the country came together for the greater good of their safety and the safety of generations to come, proves to me that they aren’t selfish and they are going to be the change.
Walk Up Not Out
Now I want to discuss the #Walkupnotout idea that was proposed by a teacher because while I disagree with it, I don’t disagree with all of it. There are parts that I totally stand behind and then there are parts of it that I think send a very dangerous message. Yes, I agree that more needs to be done about bullying. Absolutely. I was very lucky to never really experience bullying. It was always on a very minor scale where some girls would make a mean comment about me and my friends but to this day probably a decade if not longer since these comments were said I still remember them. So, I feel for any child who experiences this on a more serious level. Bullying is never okay in any form, never never never okay. Yes, it’s amazing if you go out of your way to sit with someone at lunch who is by themselves or talk to someone new in class. If you have that type of personality, I am very jealous of you because I don’t. I was very shy, I still am. I am no longer a student but when I was, I was never one to start a conversation with someone even if I could feel the words i’d say on the tip of my tongue I wouldn’t say them. I do believe it’s very easy to be nice to someone but that doesn’t mean we should silence kids that are trying to inspire change. I do believe that the #walkupnotout protest is a form of victim blaming and I think it could be very harmful to the mental health of students who have unfortunately gone through the traumatic experience of a school shooting. It feels as though it’s saying “if the students were nicer to this kid they wouldn’t have wanted to shoot up the school” which I think is flat out bullshit. No student should have to pay attention for signs of someone who is dangerous, their job is to be a kid and learn. Yes, we need to do more for mental health and getting rid of the stigma around it but that doesn’t mean it’s students job to figure out that one of their classmates isn’t mentally stable. If they do notice characteristic that they feel could show dangerous behavior then again yes, they should make it known to an adult but if they don’t that does not in any shape or form make them part of the blame for the shooting. The only people to blame in that situation is the person who committed the act and in my eyes, the government for allowing those weapons to be purchased.

This is why I stand by #WalkupANDout, I think it’s great that we want to teach kids kindness and compassion, those qualities will get them a lot farther in life then anything in their math books will but we should never silence or dismiss them for their age. My generation and younger generations are the ones that are going to be directly affected negatively or positively by any change or lack of change. My generation are the ones that are going to be having children and will have those children in schools, while younger generations are still in school and are the next ones to vote. They deserve to have a voice in their future and they deserve to be heard and since some can’t directly express their voice through voting, it’s amazing and inspiring that they are using it in other ways. I strongly believe that something needs to be done about our gun laws, I can absolutely respect the Constitution but times are a lot different now then they were when it was written. Technology and the power of these weapons are so much different from when the Constitution was written and we need to do something. Teachers shouldn’t have to go to school with a gun and students shouldn’t be worried about a mass shooting happening.

I stand with all the students inspiring change, I really believe they are starting a revolution and that change is going to come. Maybe not for many years but I believe generations to come are gonna look up to these students and follow in their footsteps. That’s very inspiring to me and I hope i’m around to see it. We as a nation need to do better, there is no other option at this point besides doing better. Use your voice, be nice to one another, stand up for what you believe, don’t stop until they listen to you. Be the Change. I know this was a bit of a different post for a page that is meant to be a beauty page but these kids inspired me to use my voice so that’s what I’m doing. I hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you come back. Until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x

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  1. The one thing that really, really bugged me about the #walkupnotout movement was that not only does it place the blame of school shootings on the victims of such horrific events, it also paints the picture that loners, quiet kids, and those with mental illness are potential school shooters and that does a serious disservice to kids who ARE struggling with mental illness in education institutions that don’t make it easy to get help or talk about it.

    Mental illness is often the first thing we point our finger at as the reason for mass violence and very often, it’s not the culprit. Most of the time, let’s be real, these shooters are just terrible people at their core – misogynistic, racist, and hateful.

    Directing students to look at their fellow classmates – and some of the most vulnerable ones at that – as potential criminals is a terrible directive. As a quiet girl with extreme social anxiety and depression, I would have felt awful if I’d known people were only being nice to me because they were suspicious, y’know?

    1. this is one of my favorite comments that I have ever received because I could not agree more! thank you for such an insightful response

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