April Music Favorites!

94B00DE7-DD42-47A2-98C7-EF94CFE87DF0Hi Friends! Welcome Back! I want to try something new on my page and I’d really appreciate your feedback on it. Music is something I have always loved. Listening to music, playing music, obsessing over bands or artists all of it. Growing up, I was the one in my group of friends everyone would come too when they needed new music. I’m really passionate about music, so I figured I would share with you all the music I have been loving for the month of April! There will be an Apple Music and Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page, so you can listen on whichever streaming platform you prefer! My music taste is all over the spectrum so I feel like I probably have something for everyone and if I don’t this month, I most likely will in a different month so be sure to sign up for emails so you don’t miss when I post! Without further ado, here’s the music I’ve been loving in the month of April! 

Panic! At The Disco- (F**k) A Silver Lining 
Panic! At The Disco- Say Ahem(Saturday Night) 
Zedd ft. Maren Morris & Grey- The Middle 
Justin Timberlake- Say Something (ft. Chris Stapleton) [Live]
Bruno Mars-Finess (Remix) [ft. Cardi B]
Paramore- Ain’t It Fun 
All Time Low- Oh! Calamity 
Shawn Mendes- Lost in Japan
Taylor Swift- Dancing With our Hands Tied
Hozier- Work Song 
Matt Corby- Resolution
Harry Styles- Sweet Creature 
Harry Styles- Ever Since New York
HAIM- Days are Gone
Hozier- From Eden
Hozier- Jackie and Wilson
Paramore- Playing God
Panic! At the Disco- This is Gospel 
Fall Out Boy- Thnks For the Memories 
Paramore- Hard Times
Paramore- Rose-Colored Boy
Ariana Grande- No Tears Left to Cry
State Champs- Dead and Gone

Leave me a comment of the music you’ve been loving in the month of April, I am always looking for new music recommendations to add to my ever growing library! Be sure to check out the playlist’s and have a dance party in your room! Thanks for stopping by…Until next time, 

Be Nice. Be Good. 

Mich. x 

Apple Music:


(both playlists are exactly the same, I just wanted to make sure everyone who wanted to listen is able too regardless of which streaming platform they use, enjoy!) 

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Be Nice. Be Good. x

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  1. Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low, Paramore, Fall Out Boy… Man they take me back😄
    I wouldn’t know where to start listing this months faves. One day it’ll be 70’s/80’s tunes, then some Hip-Hop, then some grime, followed perhaps by some more acoustic stuff O.O
    That being said, I have been listening to a lot of reminiscent stuff lately. A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men etc.👍

    I think variety on your blog is great, and music recommendations are always winners! But I wouldn’t worry about feedback, write whatever you want to write, man!

    1. A Day To Remember is always a solid choice! It’s great liking bands that I liked when I was younger and watch the band and music grow as I grow!

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