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Hello! Welcome Back! Today we are going to talk about something very important and close to my heart, self care. We’ll dive into the importance of self care and I’m going to recommend you some of my favorite products so that you can have your own self care night!

Now, you may be saying, “Pfff! I take care of myself, why would I need to make time in my day specifically for self-care? That’s silly!” Life can get so busy and overwhelming that sometimes we do the bare minimum to make it though the day and without noticing we aren’t actually taking care of ourselves. One of my closest friends once told me that taking time out of our busy day for ourselves shows that even when things are hectic or we’re experiencing poor mental health, we are important to ourselves and in some capacity we love ourselves which is often something that takes a back seat. When it should really be at the forefront of everything we do. About 16 million people in the US alone suffer with depression and 40 million people in the US suffer with anxiety, as some of you know I am one of those people. My self-care nights help me cope with my mental health and while it doesn’t fix my mental health it does help manage it.

Self-care nights can consist of anything that make you feel at peace and feel taken care of. That is the biggest thing I want everyone to take away from this. There is no right or wrong way for self-care, it’s all about doing what re-center’s you when things get out of control. Without further ado this is my typical self-care night and some of my favorite products.

Bubble Bath: I take a bubble bath every single night but on self-care nights I amp up my typical bath. I’ll use bath bombs,bubbles, sugar scrubs and finish off with a body wash. The products I use tend to change depending on the season but Soap & Glory’s Original scent is a staple all year round for me. Currently I’m using the Moroccan Oil Shower Gel, it’s pricey that’s for sure but the scent lingers and smells so luxurious I think it’s the perfect summer scent.

Skincare: Taking care of my skin is really important to me. I’m usually very happy with my skin minus when Aunt Flow comes into town and gives me those painful under the skin zits. (you know the ones i’m talking about) On my self-care nights I like to really focus on my skincare. Before my bath, I’ll take my makeup off with a makeup wipe just so that majority of my makeup is off and I can move onto a face mask. I tend to switch it up on face masks making sure I tend too whatever I think my skin needs. One I have used a lot is the L’oreal Pure Clay Mask Clear & Comfort. I’m actually on my second tub of this product and I’ve never fully gone through a face mask before so that’s a testament of how good it is. After my face mask I like to spritz my face with a facial mist, simply because it feels nice. Then I’ll finish off my skincare with a serum and moisturizer. I really enjoy the Olehenrickson Invigorating Night Serum, it has AHAs in it which helps resurface your skin and get rid of any texture you may be experiencing. I tend to go back and forth between a few moisturizers depending on how dry my skin feels which again changes with the seasons, currently I’ve been loving this Drench & Quench moisturizer from Bliss.

Moisturizer: We all know the importance of mostiurizing our faces but we tend to forget the rest of our bodies, or at least I usually do. On my self-care nights I make sure to remember to moisturize my whole body because sitting in a tub of hot water is going to dry out your skin. Personally I love body butters, I think they feel more luxurious and leave the skin more moisturized. The Righteous Butter from Soap & Glory is my favorite, but Bath and Body Works and The Body Shop are also other brands I love for body butter!

Candles: If you know me, you’ll know I’m weirdly obsessed with candles. The whole upper shelf of my closet is filled with candles, it’s a little absurd if i’m being honest. However, candles really help with anxiety for me. They give me a lot of comfort so they are a must have in my self-care nights, plus they leave your room smelling yummy! My favorite type of candles are warm, musky scents, I really enjoy the 3 Wick Candles from Bath & Body Works.

Water: Honestly water is the most important part of any day, but I know staying hydrated can slip your mind. Water is pretty much all I drink besides Starbucks Strawberry Refresher and lately I’ve noticed my 24oz cup of water is practically still full after 6 or 7 hours of work, which is AWFUL! So this is something I myself have to work on because keeping yourself hydrated is a really good way to take care of your body. You’ll notice so many benefits from increasing your water intake, plus a nice large glass of ice water is always refreshing.

Hobby: Take this time as your day is coming to an end to do something that relaxes you. It can be anything really, maybe you like to write in a journal maybe you like to draw or practice the guitar or read a book. For me, I like to pick up any loose ends in my room so that it’s nice and tidy then I do a short yoga video to help me stretch and finally I watch some TV. I just started watching this show called Chance of Hulu, I will report back on my thoughts about it once I’m all caught up!

Snacks: This is an optional step, if you feel more cared for by following a schedule where you don’t snack at night then by all means follow that. If you have a sweet tooth like myself and want to indulge in a sweet treat, that’s okay too. This is your time to stop worrying about everything that weighs on your heart during the day and be nice to yourself.

Now you maybe wondering, how often am I suppose to have these self-care nights? Honestly, you can never over do it on taking care of yourself. If you’re having a tough week and you feel like you need to have a self-care night every night then do it, or if you feel like you only need them once a month thats perfectly fine to. You can alternate what you incorporate into your self-care nights so that it always caters to how you’re feeling that day. I personally like to have a self-care night once a week, preferably on a Friday so that I can let go of the week and really recharge over the weekend. Self-care is a personal thing & it’s all about doing what makes YOU feel taken care of. While mental health statistically affects woman more then men, both are affected by it and both can take part in and benefit from self-care.

I want to reiterate that this isn’t meant cure your mental illness if you are suffering from one, but more so help you compartmentalize. I know this post has been centered around mental health since May is Mental Health Awareness Month but, you don’t need to be suffering from a mental illness to take part in self-care. We all get overwhelmed and need to take time to slow down and remember to take care of ourselves. Whether you’re a parent, a stressed out student or an overworked employee find what works for you and make that your self-care. It doesn’t always have to be expensive bath bombs it can be as simple as getting fresh air in your lungs, it’s about finding a balance. I wish you all happiness and peace of mind. Enjoy kicking back & relaxing. Until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x

Simply Michelle

Hi! I’m Mich. I’m a 26 year old young woman trying to navigate adulthood and all the challenges it brings. On Simply Michelle you will find genuine posts about a wide range of topics from mental health & faith to makeup & baking. This is my safe place to be vulnerable and hopefully you'll feel that you can do the same. I hope you stick around!

Be Nice. Be Good. x

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  2. Life After Coffee says:

    I’m also incredibly in favour of promoting self care- it’s something so many people forget yet it’s so vital to our mental (and physical) wellbeing! Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely post! Sending you good vibes 🙂

    Nati x | | @NAfte

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