More Than Just a Dog

Hello! Welcome Back, I hope you guys had a lovely weekend. Did you do anything exciting? I celebrated my golden retriever, Lily’s 8th birthday. Her birthday is actually today but seeing as my brother doesn’t live with us anymore, we celebrated a little early. Today, I want to do something a little different. I want to basically pay homage to my sweet girl Lily. After all she is, more than just a dog.

I have mentioned before on my blog that I have a dog in my 5 Things to know about Me post but that was a very brief overview, so let me tell you the story of how Lily joined our family. We got Lily the summer of 2010 from a breeder out in Denver, PA. She was one of two girls in the litter, the rest being male and she’s  100% pure golden retriever. She is our first family pet, my parents wanted to wait until my brother and I were old enough to be able to help out with the dog and understand the responsibility of caring for an animal. I was about to be a junior in high school and my brother was just finishing up college. We had done a lot of searching for the perfect puppy, some were close but none were juuuuuust right. Until we found Lily. I was on a church mission’s trip the day we got Lily, so I didn’t know about her until she was already ours. Actually another family pretty much had their heart set on her, but my family had hope that maybe they would pick a different dog. Thankfully they ended up taking one of her brothers and my family booked it over to the breeder’s house. There are many reasons why I believe God made Lily just for us, which i’ll get a couple later. The first one being that the FIRST thing my dad said when he first held her was, “Get the check book.” It was game over, she had stolen his heart which meant she had stolen all of our hearts. My family texted me a photo of her and I almost made the woman driving us on the missions trip turn around and take me home!

I was on cloud nine the first time I met her, this might sound strange but I can still remember the scent of her the first time I held her. I had never experienced that feeling of such intense love so quickly. However, it wasn’t pure bliss having her come home to us, we almost lost her before we had her. The breeder and her children were gathering up all the puppies for their last vet visit before they went to their forever homes. The son had noticed Lily was having a hard time breathing and was starting to turn a bit blue. They rushed her to the vet hospital and they did emergency surgery on my sweet baby. It turned out she had a diaphragmatic hernia, basically she has a hole in her diaphragm which caused her breathing to be affected and caused some of her organs to move out of place. The vet had told the breed that had she brought Lily in any later, she wouldn’t have made it. The fact that she was held on is the second reason I believe God made Lily just for us. She finally came home to us a few weeks later, and you would never be able to tell that just a few short weeks before, she was on the brink of dying.

Life with lily is something I never take for granted, especially on her birthday. Knowing we were so close to losing her, to her now crossing over into the “senior” category is something that should be celebrated. If you have a pet you’ll understand that she’s more than just a dog, she’s family. The excited look on her face when she’s at the front door waiting for you to come home from work makes her more than just a dog. The way she jumps up and hugs your leg even though she’s not a young pup anymore makes her more than just a dog. The way she sits there and just casually holds hands with you makes her more than just a dog. The way she can tell if you’re sad or sick and comes to comfort you makes her more than just a dog. She’s our world and I couldn’t imagine life without her.

As she gets older, I realize that’s one year closer to a life without Lily because dogs can’t live forever no matter how much we want them too. When I see the white around her eyes and mouth, and the white spots down her back I start to get sad thinking about her not being here another. Then I look at her playing with her toys and I see her puppy eyes and her puppy smile, and i’m reminded that my little girl is always gonna be there. I’m reminded that I don’t have to think about a life without her just yet, because she’s still here happy as could be. My Lily is a fighter (and the biggest lover of all time) and she’s not done impacting our lives yet. So to wrap this up I want to say, Happy 8th Birthday Lily. Thank you for all the kisses, hugs, cuddles and for all the times you’ve beaten me up when we’re rough housing. (See I told you guys she was a fighter) You’ve changed our lives and have left a ever lasting paw print on our hearts. Thank you for reading me gush about my dog. I appreciate you stopping by. Do you have a pet? When’s their birthday and what’s your favorite thing about them? Again, thank you for reading. Until next time….

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x



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Be Nice. Be Good.

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