Favorite Cozy TV Shows


Hi! Welcome Back! I’ve mentioned many times before, being cozy is really important to me. I like cozy clothes, cozy  foods, cozy  décor and yup, cozy  TV shows. Since I’m a Virgo and I worry about every little thing getting invested in a TV show that makes me feel secure and let’s me stop worrying for even just 45 minutes is essential too my health. I’ve watched quite a few TV show so I feel pretty confident in my cozy show recommendations so, if you’re on summer break or just looking for a new show to watch these are my top cozy TV show recommendations.

Full House

Full house is my favorite show of all time and it is my ULTIMATE cozy show. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know about Full House, first of all get it together! Secondly, it’s a light fun hearted show focused on a single dad raising his three girls with the help of his brother in law and best friend. The focus on family makes it warm hearted and the quick witty humor makes it enjoyable to watch. Personally, I’ve seen every episode about 10 times, but I could continuously watch this show start to finish. All episodes are streaming on Hulu.



The late 80s/90s really hit it out of the park with their sitcoms. I was one of the weird ones who put off watching friends for sooo long. I finally came to my senses and started it this past fall/winter, it quickly became one of my favorite shows. Similar to Full House it’s a fun light hearted show with quick witty humor that would crack me up! I also enjoyed that it was relatable and honestly inspiring to me, they are all in their 20s trying to figure out life and go after their dreams no matter how many set backs they have. Plus, who doesn’t love a good Friends reference! You can watch the whole series on Netflix.


Gilmore Girls

People tend to have some mixed feelings about this show and I won’t lie, it is a little boring but in my mind it’s the good kind of boring. You’re probably thinking, how can something be good boring, I mean it’s an easy show to watch. The relationship between Rory and her mother is quirky and heart warming (can you see a theme here?) I love that it takes place in a small town where everyone knows everyone. It’s a sweet show that everyone can enjoy. My favorite thing about it is that you can for the most part just pick it up anywhere and understand what’s happening, which is nice if you just want a background TV show. I watched this while I was in college and it was nice for when I just wanted to lay on the couch and mindlessly watch TV or when I had homework to do but still wanted something on the TV. You can also watch the whole series on Netflix.            Side note: we can only be friends if you believe Rory and Jess are endgame.



This isn’t a show I’m expecting many of you guys to have heard about, because it’s a Norwegian TV show that I watched last year online with english subtitles. I did the same this year except it’s the french version of the show. I love both versions and surprisingly I really didn’t mind having to watch the subtitles. It’s kind of similar to One Tree Hill(also HIGHLY recommend that show) It’s a  teenage drama with romance and the typical high school struggles. I really enjoy seeing the different countries and their culture throughout the show, really makes me want to travel to Europe even more then I already did! The episodes aren’t long, and the seasons are pretty short as well so it’ll be a quick show to watch which is perfect if you want something to watch but don’t want to spend your whole day in front of the TV.  If you google Skam English Subtitles you will be able to find plenty of places to watch it.


I have so many cozy shows that I could tell you about, but I think we will leave it at these four for now so that this post isn’t extremely long. Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to maybe do a part 2?? I would definitely be more then happy to do so, I love recommending new shows to watch. Being the homebody that I am, there’s really nothing I enjoy more then curling up in bed with my fairy lights on and watching a good TV show. What are some of your favorite cozy TV shows? Leave me a comment down below! Thanks for stopping by! Until next time..

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x