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Hello! Welcome Back, can you believe it’s already July!? Where has the year gone? I swear the older you get the faster time goes, I can’t be the only one who feels that way right? Anyways with June having come and gone, that means it’s time for a Monthly Favorites post! I don’t do these every month, mainly because I’m a creature of habit and I’m broke. I can’t afford to always be trying new things but also once I find something I like, I tend to stick with it for a while. This time around my favorites are a little all over the place, we’ve got some beauty, music, food and even some drink ware! So if you want to know everything I was loving in the month of June, keep on reading!

I’m gonna start off with my beauty favorites, first one being the Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation in Porcelain. This was the first cushion foundation I had ever tried and I had wanted to try it for a while but being so pale I was nervous that the shade would be to dark. I have to be very careful with foundation since I do have such fair skin with pink undertones sometimes the lightest shade is too dark depending on the undertone. However I decided to take a chance on it because I had heard such good things about it. Thankfully the shade matched me well and the formula on this product was even better! If you like quick natural makeup then this is the product for you, I’ll just take my sponge dip it in the product and i’ll have my foundation done in two minutes at the most! I would say the coverage is light to medium which I actually really enjoy for the summertime! Only downfall is that, you don’t even get an ounce of product and it is kinda pricey for a drugstore foundation depending on where you purchase it from.


My next beauty favorite is actually a brand, I have been using quiet a few products from the brand Moroccan Oil and I’ve loved them all. I sell these products at my job, and I’ve had customers RAVE about them to me. Finally I bit the bullet and ended up basically buying their full range. So first from this brand I’ve been loving their shampoo and conditioner. I plan on doing an updated haircare routine soon where I’ll speak more in depth about all the hair products I mention so I don’t want to stay on this topic for too long. I’ve been using the Extra Volume Shampoo since I have fine hair and then I’ll use the Hydrating Conditioner because I feel that volumizing shampoo’s can dry your hair out a little bit.

I’ve also been loving the MoroccanOil Light Treatment, this will also be in my hair care routine where I will go in more depth about it. However I really enjoy this oil over the original treatment, it works better for my fine hair since it’s not as heavy as the original. I’ve even been using it as body oil after my showers from time to time.

Keeping with the MoroccanOil theme, I promise we’re almost done, this is my last product by them. I have been really enjoying their Light Tones Dry Shampoo. They also make a dark tones but since I have light brown hair thats balayaged into blonde, I use the light tones. It’s really nice because it doesn’t leave any white cast residue nor does it leave a gritty feeling in your hair. I’m really picky about dry shampoo, I want it to actually make my hair feel clean and not just like it has a film over it. This is the first dry shampoo that I have really really enjoyed. It smells the same as all their products which I love and it also helps enhance the blonde in my hair, which is helpful for when it starts turning a little brassy.


My next beauty faves are also something I got from my job and they are the Palladio Matte Bronzer in No Tan Lines and the Palladio Matte Blush in Chic. These powders are phenomenal, they blend effortlessly on the skin which is essential in a blush and bronzer for me. As I mentioned before, I’m incredibly pale so blush and bronzer can get out of hand on me VERY quickly. However I don’t have that problem with these products because of how well they blend. They both have a beautiful undertone that suits my complexion, and even thought they say they are matte I would consider them to have more of a satin finish. Not shimmer by any means so you could still definitely contour with the bronzer, but it has just enough of a natural youthful glow to it.


If you don’t know the past few months I have been posting a monthly music playlist. I am going to link all past Monthly favorites and Monthly Music Favorites down below in case you want to check any of those posts out. I didn’t post a playlist for June because for the majority of month I was listening to one album and one album only. That album being Living Proof by State Champs. They are my favorite band and have been for about the past year. Their new album, Living Proof came out on June 15th and I just physically can not stop listening. Not only do I enjoy the music this band makes, I enjoy the type of people the band members are which makes it easier to enjoy their music. I’m a big believer in cherishing the things that make you feel safe, and this band is on the list of things that makes me feel safe and appreciated. I highly recommend checking it out, my personal favorite songs of it are Frozen, Lightening, Our Time to Go, Something About You and Cut Through the Static.


Time for my favorite part, my food favorites! This past month thanks to one of my coworkers, I discovered Pizza Combos. They are essentially a pretzel filled with a pizza flavored filling and….oh my god I’m hooked on them. I don’t know how else to describe them besides by saying they are one of the best snacks I have ever tasted. I’m actually munching on some as I write this. While i’m glad to have found these delicious little pieces of heaven, I also wish my coworker never let me try them because now I’m gonna turn into one since I’ve been eating them so much. Whether I’m at work, in the car or just watching some TV chances are I’m munching on some pizza combos.


Now it wouldn’t be a monthly favorites without a shout out to starbucks. Starbucks is the biggest reason i’m a broke ass bitch but it’s worth it. I don’t drink coffee or tea so Starbucks gets all my money for their pastries (surprise surprise) and for their refreshers. This month they brought out a new drink called the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher. I was a little nervous because I’m a very boring eater and drinker so the sound of mango and dragonfruit kinda freaked me out, but of course since it was an aesthetically pleasing magenta color I needed to try it. I personally get all my refreshers with Lemonade and wow, it’s delicious. We’ve been experiencing some really nasty heat here in Pennsylvania and this drink has been on the top of my cravings list because it’s so, as the name suggests…refreshing. Unfortunately I finished it before I remembered to take a photo of it so, I don’t have a photo to show you. If you just go on the Starbucks website, you’ll find it!

My final favorite to counteract my Starbucks intake is my HydroFlask. A HydroFlask is basically a stainless steel water bottle that keeps your drinks cold or hot for an extended period of time. I have a 40oz bottle with a straw lid and it’s the best thing I own. You can purchase different lids, I just prefer to have a straw lid. When I’m not drinking a refresher, water is pretty much the only other thing I drink. I try to fill up and finish the bottle at least twice a day so I can make sure I’m getting my suggested daily amount of water. I practically like it for work because before I was only taking a 24 oz cup of water with me being out of the house for 7-8 hours of the day. That meant I would either be finished my water by 1pm and have the rest of my shift with nothing to drink or I’d really restrict myself from drinking water and end up not drinking enough. Either way I was always really dehydrated, so it’s been really nice to feel like i’m doing better by my body.


That about wraps up everything I was loving in the month of June. I told you it was a random mixture of things! What were you loving in the month of June, leave me a comment down below! I love finding new things that I should try! Don’t forget all previous Monthly Favorites and Music Monthly Favorites are going to be linked down below in case you want to check any of those out as well! Thank you so much for stopping by. Until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. X

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