Life Update: Professional and Personal

Hello! Welcome Back! I hope you’re having a lovely week so far, mine started off not so lovely with a 24 hour stomach bug. Yuck. Now that i’m feeling a little better, but still not 100%. I thought i’d do something a little different, and just have a nice little chat with you guys. Tell you about some wonderful things that have happened over the past week or so and just really update you on my life!

I guess I’ll start off with professional things that have happened for me. I’m sure it’s no surprise that blogging isn’t my full time job, I work at a beauty supply store and I’m the manager of one of our locations. I love my job, through every stage of just being low on the totem poll to now being in management. Since it’s a small company getting raises doesn’t happen the same way as it does in big corporations. I’m very excited to say that, I got a raise!!!! It was only by a dollar but I’ve been really trying to be more grateful about things. One dollar raise is better than no raise at all, right??

In terms of my blog, back in June I set a goal for myself, by the end of August I wanted to have 1,000 views for the whole of 2018 SO FAR. Not only did I hit that goal, I hit it a whole month and a half early! We all have to start somewhere, and I was over the moon about hitting this goal! My next goal is to reach 2,000 by the end of the year! I really think I can do it! I have also been contacted for my first collaboration. The company is Civion and they sell really beautiful jewelry/accessories. I’m honored to have this opportunity and just couldn’t wait to share it with you all. I love that their jewelry is very understated and delicate since I’m not one for statement jewelry. I will leave the link to the site here and if you’d like to purchase anything be sure to use the code MICHELLE25 to save 25% off your purchase! (disclaimer: I will get a portion of the sale if you purchase with my code)

Also on the blog, be on the lookout in the next coming weeks for a post on how to stay organized and feel accomplished. I love planning and organizing it was my favorite thing about the school year starting. Since I love planning so much I decided to take something that I personally use myself and share it with you guys, I will be selling printable planning sheets. I will have things like weekly meal plans to daily-to-do lists! So whether you’re a parent, or a student or just someone who needs a little more organization in your life there will be a printable for you! I will go into more detail about each page at a later date but they will be sold for $2.00 a piece or as a bundle of 5 pages for $8.00. I’m really looking forward to sharing these with you guys, and I hope you get good use out of them!

The last thing I wanted to ramble about with you guys is about how I finally met my niece!! My best friend of nearly 20 years had a little girl a year ago, but since she lives cross country. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her. I’d like to introduce you all to Baby Reia. Getting to spend time with this little blessing and reconnecting with so many old friends was just the mental boost that I needed. Being able to catch up with everyone and realize that, while we have gotten older we haven’t changed. Through my darkest struggles with my mental health this year, my best friend and my niece have been there for me cheering me up and cheering me on. Seeing them both in person and getting to finally hug them both, was such a special moment. Being able to bring all of my best friend and I’s childhood memories into Reia’s childhood will stick with me forever. It was crazy sitting in my childhood room with my best friend and my dog, something I did so many times in the past but now one of us has a child!

That about catches you guys up on everything in my life. Thank you for letting me ramble, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from reflecting or advice giving and just talk to each other within our community. Leave me a comment down below of something exciting that has happened to you lately! I’m so excited to hear about it! Until next time….

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x