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How to stay organized

Hello! Welcome Back! How has your week been so far? This is going to be kind of a crazy week for me, I had off Monday for the Labor Day Holiday which was nice but I also have to take off Thursday to take my dad to a doctors appointment for basil skin cancer removal under his eye, which I won’t lie i’m a little nervous about. If you could send your well wishes to my dad that everything goes well, I’d be greatly appreciated.

So to seem’s that we are at that time of year again, back to school. Personally, I haven’t been in school for two whole years now but I haven’t forgotten the stress of school starting again especially if you’re in university. I have always loved the beginning of the school year myself. Once I get over the social anxiety of having to sit in a class where I potentially know no-one, I found it exciting being able to get new school supplies and make them all look pretty before the stress of the work load sets in. One thing I’ve had some of my friends ask me while they feel like they’re drowning in school is, “How do you stay so organized?” Today, I am going to share with you my top three tips on how to stay organized and how to feel accomplished during the school year. Also stay tune to the end because, I have a VERY exciting announcement that I hope you guys will enjoy. So, without further ado here are my top 3 tips on how to stay organized.

Tip 1. To Do Lists

If you are anything like me, the physical act of checking something off sends a sense of accomplishment over you. Once school really gets into full swing, (which seems to happen sooner and sooner the older you get) it’s easy to get overwhelmed by your work load. Start your day off by writing out everything that you want to get done, it doesn’t have to JUST be school related either. When I would get really stressed out, I’d even include my lunch break or study break on my to do list so that my entire day was mapped out. Having things like my lunch break also gave me something to look forward to when I felt like my brain was being fried by looking at the computer screen. Like I mentioned above, seeing how many things I have checked off on my list helps me feel like I’m making a dent in what seems like my never ending list of tasks.

Tip 1.jpg

Tip 2. Color Coordinate

I understand how expensive school can be, especially as a university student when you have at least 6-10 classes a year if not more. So buying new supplies every semester will get expensive, I get that. However, trying to save money and buying one five subject notebook for all your classes that semester doesn’t work. Things will easily get mixed up and you’ll eventually miss place important information. Trust me, I’ve tried it. What I’ve found that works the best is color coordinating your materials. Buy a 2 dollar notebook and the matching 1 dollar folder so you never get confused. It makes studying easier, and getting ready in the morning easier because you know Pink=Accounting Class or Blue=Biology. If you’re really anal about school supplies like I am, you might even match your highlighters and pens to each class. Overkill? Possibly, but it’ll look pretty (:

Tip 2.png

Tip 3. Planners

This is my biggest tip if I’m being honest. Get a planner, I know you think you don’t need one because you have a calendar on your phone but I’m telling you, you need a planner. When I was in school, I would write my schedule in the front part of my planner and then I’d write the course abbreviation on each day I had that course. For example, Accounting 202 would be ACC202 on Monday Wednesday and Friday. This way I’d be able to write down what the homework was assigned or due for that course on the given days I had that course. Another thing I recommend doing is, at the beginning of the semester go through the syllabus and write in all the set due dates for each course ( in it’s designated color of course). This way when you have to start planning things like social get togethers with friends or when you can sneak home for a weekend with the family you’ll know when you can make it work and when it’s better for you to stay in and study. Making things as easy to understand in your planner will make you most successful throughout the year.

Tip 3.png


I have one bonus tip for you guys, do periodic clean outs of your school material. At least with all the course’s I took in college, once you took an exam you didn’t really need those handouts or homework assignments until the final. If that’s the case with your course, clean them out and put them in a expandable folder that you keep in your room. This way you will always have the materials in a safe place should you need it during the semester but they aren’t making your in-class material cluttered.

Those are my top 3 tips on how to stay organized and feel accomplished during the school year. Which brings me to my next topic, remember how at the beginning I told you to stay tuned until the end for something exciting? Well, if you haven’t been able to tell by now I’m very passionate about keeping myself organized and planning things out. Even now as a working adult, I write down my work schedule in my planner every week regardless of the fact that it’s a set schedule and never changes. There was a long period of time where I wasn’t writing it down and, ultimately I just felt off. I’m a visual learner so, I need to write things down and see them in order for me to remember. Which is why I decided to take that passion and turn it into something both my readers and I could enjoy. If you head over to my Etsy Shop, I have launched printable planning sheets. There are six sheets in total, a To Do List, Weekly Planner Sheet, Budget Sheet, Weekly Goals (Mentally, Physically, Academically), Weekly Goals (Mentally, Physically, Career) and a Meal Plan. These sheets come in two color schemes as of right now, Pink/Grey and Orange/Blue. I do plan on bringing out more colors so, let me know what colors you’d enjoy seeing. They run for $2.00 a page or $8.00 for a bundle of all 5 ( you can either choose the Weekly Goals- Academic or Weekly Goals- Career). Lastly, as a launching gift for you guys from today, September 4th – September 10th, you can get 25% off your order with the code LAUNCH25

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Please don’t feel as though you have to purchase a printable but, any and all support is greatly appreciated. I have loved the process of creating all these printables and I hope you are able to find some use out of them. I have used all these back to school tips myself and have found they are what made me most successful during the school year. School didn’t necessarily come easy to me. I wasn’t bad at school but I had to study, I had to write down everything the professor said or I wouldn’t retain the information so keeping organized was crucial to my academic success. The greatest part about these tips is that, they don’t have to be taken just for school. Any parent, teacher or CEO can benefit from all of these tips for staying organized. What tip do you think would be most helpful for you? Let me know down in the comments! Thank you for stopping by.. Until next time,

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x


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  1. Lisa's Notebook says:

    I love these tips so much, they’re so relateable to freelancing. I do all of these, I’d be lost without my planner, colour coding, and copious lists. I am that person who adds something to their list when I’ve already done it, just so I can cross it out, haha. Fab post, thank you, and I wish you and your dad all the best too xx

    Lisa |

    1. i do the same with adding things i’ve already done! it’s so satisfying seeing what i’ve already done! it just helps keep your mind in order. thank you for your well wishes xxx

  2. I thrive off of to do lists so much! They’re honestly my favourite thing for staying organised. Also, your Pinterest graphics are amazing! I see that you’re really good at colour co-ordination 😉

    Jas xx |

    1. yes i love to do lists so much i use them all the time! thank you, i do my best to pay close attention to aesthetics lol xxx

  3. I love anything to do with stationery and organisation. So this post was great. I like to-do lists and colour coded things, I have lots of colourful pens I like to use. I use a diary and my bullet journal as well as my calendar on my phone too. Thank you for sharing such useful tips! X

    1. i love all those things! colored pens are like a gift from god lol! i’ll always find reasons for new colored pens or anything stationary for that matter! xx

      1. Same! Haha xx

  4. I love to do lists, planners and all this stuff so I’m definitely going to take a look at your Etsy store! These are great organisation tips for anyone, whether you’re still in school or not. Hope your dad is doing well, sending you both all my love x


    1. thank you so much sophie, i hope you find something that you’d enjoy in the etsy shop. sending you love back xx

  5. I love these tips, can’t wait to use them and get organised, definitely going to take a look at your Etsy Shop lovely.

    1. thank you xx i hope you find something useful in the etsy shop 💓

  6. hudapervez says:

    These are done great tips! I still remember the feelings of nervousness/excitement that I would get before the start of a new school year! I loved being organized and making my notes look all pretty- definitely motivated me to work harder 😅!

    1. I agree! if even copy over my notes of professor would talk to quick and my notes looked like a mess! lol!

  7. I’m literally the most organised person I know so I love posts about organisation! They make my heart happy 😂 All amazing tips – I couldn’t live without to do lists xxx

    1. Thank you xxx ☺️

  8. Ooo i love hese types of blog posts, very useful & helpful! can’t wait to use these at school to help me keep organized.

  9. Miss Blogs-A-Bit says:

    Great post and I totally agree about the sense of achievement you get from crossing things off of your to-do list! I’m very much a lists person and am always told how organised I am in work 😂
    I really hope your Dad is ok my lovely, sending you positive thoughts ❤

  10. Deb's Decorative Life says:

    I like your tips for staying organized. I am looking for my planner now for next year. I also like having the To Do List with color coordination. I need to get more colored highlighters.

  11. Love this post, I’m awfully unorganised in most aspects of my life so found these tips really helpful! 😀
    I always have a ridiculously large to-do list but I very rarely manage to stick to it so I’m going to give the colour coordination and planner ideas a go, pray for me 😂
    Sending lots of positive wishes for your dad and hope everything goes well, hun 💙 xx

    Jessica |

  12. I love using planners too, it is easy to let everything turn digital but having things written down always works best for me! To do lists are a must too! Loved this post, I am such an organised gal so any more tips to make me feel even more organised are always welcome haha! I really should start doing weekly goals, I can imagine that being really motivating xx

  13. […] about my planner being color coordinated, that was actually one of the tips I wrote in my post on How to stay organized and feel accomplished. While I did connect with some of the things that were said, I didn’t connect with […]

  14. I love planning and organising. I write a to-do list every day and love crossing things off it.

    Hope your dad is ok.


  15. hudapervez says:

    These are such great tips! I always used to buy those notebooks with 5 sections for my uni classes- they were SO handy and would last a while! xx

    1. Thank you! I loved getting ready for a new year of courses! xx

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