Vote. The Importance Of Using Your Voice

Hello! Welcome Back! I hope you’re all doing well! If you aren’t from America like I am, you may not know that tomorrow November 6th is Election Day. It’s the midterm elections, where we vote for things like State Senators, House of Representatives and more. Basically we are voting for the people who will directly help us get things done on a closer, more personal level. Today, I wanted to talk about the importance of voting. Even if you aren’t from America and have a big election tomorrow using your voice and taking part in the voting process is apart of your civic duty. There are so many reasons people don’t vote, personally I think they are all silly and today, I’m going to debunk them.

My Vote Doesn’t Matter

You wouldn’t believe how many people think that their vote doesn’t matter. Which I get it, it can feel like you’re not being heard or that your vote doesn’t matter when so many outlandish things are happening. When you aren’t being represented properly, it’s easy to think your vote doesn’t matter. However, that’s more reason on why your vote DOES matter. You can’t expect change if you aren’t willing to do your part. Sitting at home and tweeting about how much you hate the current state of the government isn’t going to do anything, but going to the polls and voting puts you one step closer to change.

I Don’t Like the Candidates

This one, is probably the most legitimate reason but still don’t think it’s an excuse to not vote. I know it feels morally wrong to vote for the “lesser of two evils” but, you have to look at the greater picture. Yes, you may not like either of the candidates but which one is going to protect the rights of you, and the rights of the rest of the country better. No political candidate is a saint, it’s why the whole political system is a shit show. You have to look inside yourself and realize what is at stake, whose protection is at stake. You could also vote for a third party and even goes as far as running yourself next time around!

I Don’t Know Anything About the Candidates

This reason for not voting is in my eyes, unacceptable. I’m not telling you to eat, sleep and breathe the election because I don’t think that’s healthy. (however, I understand that I have the privilege of not having to eat, sleep and breathe it. I’m a straight white woman, my existence isn’t being attacked on a daily basis…a lot of people aren’t that lucky.) There are so many resources to learn about who is running. We all walk around with a mini computer in our hands daily, you can easily google the candidates and learn about them. Again, it’s apart of your civic duty to know a little something about who you want to be representing you.

I Don’t Know My Polling Station

Remember the handy tool called Google I mentioned above? It can easily tell you where you go to vote. If you go to you can enter your address and it’ll tell you your polling station. I’m sure other countries have something just like this, and all you have to do is google how to figure it out. It’s so simple a monkey could do it.

I Don’t Have Time to Vote

In America, most polling stations are open until 7/8pm and they open at 6am. I’m sure you can find time in those hours to vote, and if you can’t some states even offer early voting. You can also send in absentee ballots if you aren’t going to be in your registered state on the day of the election. One thing our system has done well, is make it so easily accessible to vote because it’s SO important.

As a millennial I understand just how much people are counting on us to not vote yet, we are the ones directly affected! Things like healthcare, living wages and gun control directly affect me and ALL OF US. I’m still on my parents healthcare but soon I won’t be, soon I won’t be living at home and will need to be able to support myself. Currently in Pennsylvania the minimum wage is 7.50USD which is impossible to live on. I was lucky enough to go to college, so I can get a job that has a salary but even those wages are hard to not live paycheck to paycheck. Don’t even get me started on student loans, personally my student loans are chump change but many people don’t have that luxury. The wages we are earning at our jobs don’t cover the cost of living and allow us to succeed. Personally, I have friends with children, friends who are shooting and gun control are at the forefront of what needs to be addressed. There have been WAY to many acts of gun violence in the US this year alone and it needs to change. Things like Climate Change, affects the earth I grow old in. It doesn’t affect the ones who are already old, we get one shot at Earth and we are killing it. Not only by how we treat it but by who we have in office and the programs we have in place to protect the Earth.


Things are so divided and it’s only sending us backwards. Remember to vote for humanity. Understand the power in your voice and support the minorities that aren’t getting treated properly. Understand the privilege you have to be able to have a say in who runs the country you live in, some countries still don’t have that. A Democracy can only work, when we work together. We can only work together when we get out and use our voices and VOTE. With all the unspeakable things going on in our world right now, using your right to vote is more important than ever. Like I said earlier, change only happens when you do your part. If you are from America like me, remember to get out and vote tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by, until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x