The Girl Kind: Calling BS on The Diet Industry Reflection

Hello! Welcome Back! At first I was going to make today’s post into a master post of some of my favorite podcast episodes, but when I listened back to them and started taking notes I realized I had WAY to much to say for just one post. So, that being said I thought I’d turn it into a little series. That way I can tell you my favorite episodes and share what I got from them as a way for you guys to see if they’d be something you’re interested in. 99.999% of the episodes I will be talking about in this series are going to be from The Girl Kind Podcast by Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth. When I first had the idea for this post, I wanted to include why Stephanie made The Girl Kind Podcast. What as her mission with it? So I messaged her on Instagram asking just that and she replied

“The Girl Kind Podcast was born out of a desire to create space for woman and girls to share their stories and really just have raw, real, vulnerable conversations so that we can all feel a little less alone. I had NO idea the massive impact and growth it would have in such a short time and I literally could not be more grateful for every single person who listen and supports”

I absolutely loved what she said, and it rings true with myself. With everything going on in my life currently feeling a little less alone was something I really needed. I actually never listened to a podcast before but then one day after my brother constantly telling me how great podcasts are, I decided to check one out for myself. I found this one, and the first episode I listened to is the one I’m talking about today. Calling BS on Diet Industry with Beth Rosen, it INSTANTLY spoke to me on such a personal level and it was like my mind exploded with thoughts and feelings that I had to get out into the world. So here we are, writing a whole blog post on the episode. I wanted this episode to be the first one in my new series because it’s something I think a lot of you guys will relate to as well. Unfortunately, most of us at some point in our lives have tried dieting, so I do hope this post inspires you to check out the full episode.

In this episode Stephanie and Beth talk about how damaging the diet industry is to us both mentally and even physically. Beth Rosen is actually a registered Dietitian and a Diet-Free Living Expert, which means she helps teach her clients about love & health a EVERY SIZE. In this episode I learned some very shocking facts that being older and able to look back on my life, makes me so upset for the younger generations. They were speaking about how by the age of 13 80% of girls are dieting. That is absolutely insane to me, think back to when you were 13, how simple minded you were. I know personally at 13 I was thinking about Nick Jonas, not dieting and it’s heart breaking to think that girls that young and younger are already being fed this narrative that they need to be smaller. They are being bombarded with information that feds into diet culture, which is making woman & girls believe that they are suppose to be in a smaller body. We are being made to believe good things will come when you are in a smaller body, you’ll be happier in a smaller body. For these young girls, they will have more friends, more boys will like them if they are in a smaller body. Possibly the most damaging thing for these young girls and woman is all the conflicting information they are getting regarding diets. Have you ever noticed how contradicting diets are? You will hear one diet tells you to ONLY eat certain foods but then on another diet those same exact foods will be labeled “bad.” How in the world are you suppose to know what your suppose to eat if all this information we are given is contradicting itself? ( secret time; you’re not suppose to know, the diet industry wants to confuse you so that they can keep taking your money time and time again after you “fall off the wagon” and then try a different diet.)

Another really interesting topic that was spoken about in this podcast is the set point theory. This wasn’t something I had ever heard of before this podcast, but it really caught my attention. The Set Point Theory is basically that our bodies like to be at a set weight, and it knows what weight it is suppose to be. Whether it’s meant to be smaller or larger, tall or short whatever have you, you’re body knows where it’s suppose to be. When I heard this theory I instantly thought of new mothers who just gave birth. You see new mom’s working SO hard to get back to their “pre baby” body when in reality, if they just take care of themselves their body will pull itself back to where it’s meant to be. It’s always so fascinating to me what our bodies are capable of and the signs they give us. You know when you start a new diet that has you restricting foods and how the first thing you restrict yourself from is the first thing you can’t for the life of you stop thinking about? Beth pointed out in the podcast that is happening because our body is sending us signals to crave certain foods, since our body’s don’t understand restrictive eating. Our bodies really don’t understand the difference between us dieting and actual starvation so it goes into survival mode which makes it harder for you to lose weight. I found this to be so eye opening because you hear woman who are so confused as to why they aren’t losing weight while trying all these diets even though they are following the diet word for word. Our body starts to slow our metabolism so that it has what it needs in case it’s not getting that with us restricting foods.

One point in this episode that really hit home with me is that health doesn’t mean small. As a woman who is plus sized it was really comforting to hear those words because the second you see a larger woman loving her body you have the Twitter or Instagram police saying they are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. Beth explained it in a really great way, she was explaining how health can not be seen on the outside, that your health is determined by all those tests that the doctors do when you get blood taken. The size of your body does not automatically equal good or bad health. I’m actually turning “Health doesn’t mean small” into my mantra because I can not tell you how many people have been “worried” about my health due to my weight even when I tell them that all my blood tests came back normal. To be honest with you, it’s annoying to have to constantly justify that I am healthy simply because I have a larger body. That being said, if you are unhealthy regardless of the size of your body. There are lifestyle changing that you can make to ensure you see the progress you’re looking for without the never ending circles of weight cycling from dieting.


The biggest thing I want you to get out of this post or this podcast if you choose to listen is that, the size of your body is never going to equal sustainable happiness. You will get to a smaller size and have temporary bliss but then you’ll realize society is STILL going to say you need to be smaller and then you’re right back at square one again. It’s also important to remember that people are not going to remember you because of the size of your pants, they are going to remember you because of the morals you set and the person you were on the inside. I know that sounds like it should be on a Hallmark card but it’s true. It’s something I am still trying to teach myself because too many woman determine their worth off of the size of their bodies. If someone is going to determine your worth of the size of your body, the problem is with them not you. Your body is always going to be changing, due to many different factors whether it be to overeating from mental illness or hormones or the fact that you are growing life inside your body. You’ll always be changing and that’s okay. We are so quick to accept inner change but when it comes to physical change we cast judgment if that change is anything other then becoming smaller, and that should not be the case. I do really hope that you check out this podcast, and see what you take away from it. I will leave it linked down below. As I briefly mentioned earlier, I am so glad that I found this podcast because it honestly lite a fire in me. The past few months have handed me some unexpected mountains and this podcast really taught me the importance of tending to myself. It reminded me how passionate I am about self- care and self-kindess. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and that you are looking forward to this new series on my blog because, I know I am. Leave me recommendations of podcasts that you love down in the comments, I love hearing from you guys. Thanks for stopping by, until next time,

Be Nice. Be Good.


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