Random Rambles; Energetic Shifts

Hello! Welcome Back! I hope this week has been treating you well. Today, I wanted to talk with you guys about this shift in energy that I have started to feel. I really only started to fully feel it today (I’m writing this on a Wednesday night) and honestly it was really overwhelming. All day at work I couldn’t wait to get home so that I could write this because that’s what I do. I take the things that happen in my life, write about it and share it with the world. Lately, I’ve been taking a more spiritual look at life. Trying to live a slower, kinder more accepting lifestyle. Something in the air today clicked and surfaced through me. So, what is this shift in energy that I’m talking about? Can you align yourself with the universe to experience this shift? How do you follow this feeling that you’re being pulled to something bigger?

Before I just dive right into what I’m feeling let me give you some background on my beliefs with the universe and energies. You all know I’m religious, I have a whole post on my faith journey here. I very much so believe in the power of the universe and alignment of the stars and them working in our favor. To me, God is the Universe. He’s the “something bigger than myself” that I believe and trust in. So when I speak things into the universe, personally I’m speaking them to God. Now, this shift in energy that I’m feeling is a bit hard for me to explain because honestly I think I’m still in the middle of figuring it all out. I’ve struggled for a long time with thinking positively about myself or thinking I’m good enough. For at least 6 months now I have known that blogging is what I want to do with my life. I had this feeling that the universe (God) was telling me this is my purpose and pulling me to follow it. So I did, I followed it but I still had that thought of not being good enough for a life where I help inspire others and getting to do what I love and expressing myself creatively on a daily basis. Something though switched in me today…I could almost feel God reaching his hand out for me to take me to that bigger life that I want so badly. Obviously, I’m not going to wake up tomorrow and have all my dreams be a reality but there was this click that I am good enough and I am on the right path. This surge of energy through me inviting me to this world of positivity towards others and more importantly, towards myself and my life.

Getting to this point wasn’t easy, by any means. That’s one of my worries with posting this, that people will think I’m painting this picture about how easy it is to make the life you want a reality, or that I’m trying to say I have it all figured out. I don’t at all. Not even close, all I know is that there has been a shift in the right direction. This didn’t come without putting the work in though, I didn’t just wake up and have this change in energy. Well, I guess technically today I did but a lot of work had gone into that before hand. I’ve had to do a lot of work on myself this year to get to a point where I was able to accept this shift. You need to have the space in your heart and in your mind for these energetic shifts to happen, if I was still self loathing and depressed everyday I wouldn’t have the space in my life to allow this shift in energy to happen. Aligning myself with what I know I’m put on this Earth to do meant I had to let certain people go, people I loved dearly and still miss to this day. It meant I had to disappoint those close to me because I wasn’t following the path they thought I should be. For me, aligning myself looked like I was doing a whole lot of nothing with my life to those I didn’t let in, which couldn’t have been farther from the truth. I was having to dig deeper into my relationship with faith and trust in order to let this alignment happen. I started meditating and searching for the deeper meaning of my life. I started to let pieces of myself out into the world so that I was able to start healing and opening up space in myself.

Back around my birthday, I started to notice somethings were different about me. Looking back on it now I think things were in the beginning processes of aligning. I got a little taste of what stepping into my power was like. For starters I just knew that being 24 was going to be really magical for me, even though I had no specific reason as to why it would be. I didn’t have anything big in the works, I just had this gut feeling that the year would be good for me. When those first signs that I was becoming who I’m fully meant to be came around, I wasn’t ready for them. I had to much that I still needed to work through so unfortunately they didn’t stay. But I built on them, which has brought me to now. My second taste of stepping into my power.

So am I ready to fully step into my power? Am I ready to fully grasp my dreams? Are you? I don’t know if I am, honestly. I wish I knew how to follow this calling of bigger things. I wish I knew exactly the next steps to take, but I think the unknown is apart of it all. I get scared easily and I suck at change when I don’t need to be. Our lives have had a specific purpose mapped out since the beginning of time and we have the ability to make it ours. If we feel like we are meant for something bigger it’s because we ARE meant for something bigger. As humans we like to be in control of everything. Everyone always talks about how we are in control of our own lives and they are right. Every decision we’ve made in life has lead up to where we are now but, there also is this act of surrendering that needs to happen to become fully aligned with what you’re meant to do and be. Surrendering over your control and trust to the universe allows you the opportunity to be taken places you never thought you’d get to.

I called this post random rambles because I really just wanted to talk this out with you guys because so much has been flowing through me today. I’m not even sure if this post made sense, I’m hoping it did. I encourage all of you to welcome those feelings of energetic shift with open arms. Grab a hold of God’s hand and be taken to that place of magic. You were put on this earth to fulfill all you could ever dream of. I’ve let self doubt and fear hold me back long enough and I’m hoping to help someone not let it hold them for as long as I have. I know this post wasn’t anything Christmassy but like I said, I needed to get this out. Don’t worry though you’ll get plenty of Christmassy content this month. I’m sure a lot of bloggers can agree with me that writing is extremely therapeutic and actually for me it helps me process things so that I do know what the next steps to take is. So to end this I want to ask you, have you stepped into your power? Are you ready to? Let me know down in the comments, I love talking to you guys. Thanks for stopping by, until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x