My Christmas Wish for You

Hello! Welcome Back. Happy Christmas Eve, Eve. I love me a good Friends reference anytime of year, but especially at Christmas. Today I wanted to essentially right a little Christmas wishlist for you, my readers. I will be talking about this more in my upcoming end of the year posts but I started to really take my blog seriously back in March and the growth I’ve seen in the last 10 months has been incredible. None of which would have been possible if it wasn’t for my readers. I know we all have a bunch of Holiday activities to be taking part in so, I’m going to try my best to keep this post fairly brief.

My Christmas Wishlist for You, My Readers.

This year has come with a lot of ups and downs, a lot of growth that I wouldn’t have naturally had if I didn’t start speaking about my experiences online. I’ve shared my story and struggles with mental health which a lot of my readers then started to open up in the comments and share some of their struggles with mental health as well. I wish for all of you, that this holiday season brings true happiness. I know that the holiday’s can be difficult for some people. With all the hustle and bustle of buying things and everyones posts on social media, you’re quickly reminded of the things you don’t have…which is hard. Whether that be, a family member who has passed away, or being separated from loved ones due to your career the holiday blues are very common. So, I wish for you that you are able to experience true happiness. The type of happiness that leaves you feeling warm from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. The type of happiness that makes you feel as though your heart could burst.

I wish for you, that you are able to experience self love. The holidays can be a big meeting place for all our insecurities and struggles to come out. You’re seeing family that you may not normally see and having to engage in small talk about where you’re at in your life. You’re presented with opportunities to be triggered with things like the holiday food spread. It’s very easy to reflect on the holiday gathering and start beating yourself up for every little thing. “Oh, I shouldn’t have said that” “I shouldn’t have eaten so much” “I should have eaten more” “Great now everyone knows I’m the family failure” The conversations inside your head could go on for days. I wish or pray, however you want to receive this that you are able to experience and practice some self love this holiday season. That you are just a bit easier on yourself. That you don’t tear yourself apart because of how a certain outfit looks on you. That you don’t send yourself into a state of panic over how much you should or shouldn’t eat. If these things happen, it’s okay. Just be kinder to yourself after it happens, you are doing your best and that’s all that matter.

I could think of a hundred wishes for you all, but since I said I wanted to keep this brief my final wish for you, is that you feel supported. I know how challenging it is to go after something you dream of when you feel that the world is against you. How it feels to have people you love put down your dreams and tell you to go after something different, easier to obtain. However, I also know what it feels like to have people you love believe in your dreams even more than you do. That’s what I wish for you. That you have someone who knows how capable you are and can see how much greatness you are going to create in this world. If you haven’t found that person yet, I’ll be that person for you. Everyone who has read my blog and left me comments has made me feel so incredibly supported and valid in what I’m trying to do on this earth. I want to be that person for you all as well because, you are supported. I do believe in all of you, whether it be in your blogging career, or your capabilities as a partner, or your capabilities as a parent. You’ve got me as your cheerleader, cheering you on. (Rightfully with red & green pompoms and a Santa hat)

Those are my Christmas wishes for you all. My next post won’t be going up until after Christmas so, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for all the support you’ve shown me. I guess I can throw one more wish in, I wish that all of YOUR Christmas wishes come true this year. Thank you for stopping by, until next time..

Be Nice. Be Good. 

Mich. x 

Simply Michelle

Hi! I’m Mich. I’m a 26 year old young woman trying to navigate adulthood and all the challenges it brings. On Simply Michelle you will find genuine posts about a wide range of topics from mental health & faith to makeup & baking. This is my safe place to be vulnerable and hopefully you'll feel that you can do the same. I hope you stick around!

Be Nice. Be Good. x

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  1. Thank you Michelle. I love having you as a cheer leader! And I am sending you lots of love and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas.❤

    1. will always be cheering you on jane ❤️🥰

  2. Aww, thank you, Michelle. This is a very thoughtful and caring gift and I wish the same for you.
    Merry Christmas and I wish you get all of your wishes
    Loren |

    1. thank you so much loren! hope you had a wonderful christmas xx

  3. Simply Chloe says:

    Aw these wishes are beautiful! Well done on the growth of your blog, it’s always good to see something you love evolve and do well. It’s great to support others and be supported in return. Merry Christmas 😊 X

    1. thank you so much, hope your christmas was great xx

  4. This post is so beautifully written and everything you said was SO sweet. I don’t think I’ve read any posts like this yet this year either which makes it even more special. I’m so happy I discovered your blog this year, you deserve every bit of growth and so much more. Thank you for all of your support too! I hope you have the best Christmas lovely x


    1. thank you so much for this sweet comment sophie xx

  5. Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year. This is such a beautiful post. I wish you the same for 2019.

    1. thank you deborah, happy new year! xx

  6. Awh Michelle this is such a gorgeous post! Such lovely sentiments and I think we should all wish these things for ourselves and for the people we love. Hope you have a lovely Christmas! 🙂 xxx

    1. thank you so much jenny xx

  7. Merry Christmas my sweet xx

    1. thank you xx

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