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Hello! Welcome Back! I think I’ve officially used up my “New Year, New *Fill in the Blank*” allowance until 2020, it’s just so catchy! I digress. A couple months back I did a post showing you all my Fall Home Decor, and it went over extremely well. Not to toot my own horn but it’s my fourth most viewed post from 2018. Honestly, I can’t tell you how glad I am that you all enjoyed that post so much because home decor is something i’m very passionate about. With all my Christmas decorations put away till next Christmas, my room was looking extremely bare and I hated it. I’ve mentioned before how important feeling cosy is too me, and my room was feeling anything but cosy, I needed to fix that. So, I took a little trip over to Homesense. I know my UK readers already love and adore Homesense but we only just got it in the U.S. about two months ago and I decided to have a little wander around. I found some really cute little pieces that work perfectly with the vibe that I want my living space to have. Today I’m going to show you all what I picked up and how I decorate my room for the majority of the year. If I’m honest, my room will have this decor until September rolls around.

In my bedroom, I have three main places that I like to designate for decor. My bookcase, my nightstand, and the floating shelf on my wall. My desk and makeup storage, they have “decor” on them but by decor I mean, pretty cups that hold my makeup brushes and pens. Those two areas never change so I decided to leave them out, but don’t worry I plan on showing you all how I store my makeup so you’ll get to see everything that’s on there in due time. First I’m going to show you my beloved bookcase. Honestly, my bookcase is probably my favorite piece of furniture in my room. I got it when I moved back into my parents house because I quickly realized, I had too much stuff and absolutely no where to put it. I mean if you think about it, it makes sense my whole life of belongings is basically stuffed into my four walls or thrown in the attic. When I went to Homesense, my bookcase was the only thing on my mind. I knew I wanted plants and ceramic pieces with motivation phrases on them, so when I saw this ceramic piece in Homesense by Rae Dun that says “Dream Big. Work Hard. Stay Focused.” I knew I had to have it. You’ll notice this a reoccurring theme, but I love to use books as decor pieces. When I was setting everything up, I felt like something was missing, but then a light bulb went off and I knew my Feminist Don’t Wear Pink book by Scarlett Curtis would be the perfect touch, and it was. I personally got this book from Target but I’m almost positive it’s available where ever books are sold. I love how my bookcase turned out, I have everything from my motivational pieces, some greenery to fight off the winter blues and the perfect little candle to tie everything together. Oh yeah, how could I forget my fairy lights.. no matter what time of year it is, I’ll have fairy lights in my room.

Next, I needed to decorate my cute little nightstand. Let me first say, there is nothing I own that makes my heart swell as much as what’s on my nightstand. For Christmas one of my best friends, Keira (she’s the one my how to make long distance friendships last post is about) got me this adorable name plate centered around my blog. I am by no means a professional blogger, and she knows that but this gift is meant to symbolize how much she believes in me and my dreams. I know, I know, your heart just swelled up as well. I decided to put it on my nightstand so that it’s one of the first things I see in the morning, that way I can start my day with a clear though of why I’m here and what I’m working to achieve. I’ve also got a little candle that I picked up at Homesense, because well, it smelled nice and I have an addiction to candles. I genuinely could not decide between the scent of this Olivia Blake candle and my Le Chat candle that’s on my bookcase, so I got both. More is More.

Finally, my floating shelf. I believe everything on my floating shelf if from Target, minus one thing. Remember when I told you it was going to be a reoccurring theme to have books as decor, I got the book Note To Self by Conor Franta for the sole purpose of using it as decor. The rose gold foil writing, the light pink cover with a simple muted flower is literally what I live for! I’ve always loved having fake flowers in my room, it just adds a feminine touch that brings me a lot of comfort. This ‘M’ mug from Anthropology, that I got nearly four years ago acts as the perfect vase for my beautiful bouquet of fake flowers. I don’t see it coming as a shock to people that I am all for woman empowerment, I mean I am a woman whose dream is to be her own boss after all. So, when I saw this “The Future is Female” desk name plate at Target, I knew I had to get it. Not only is it cute with a woman empowerment saying on it but, it’s something I do genuinely believe. We’re already starting to see woman in such high level positions and I think that’s just going to continue to happen and I can only pray to be around long enough to see more glass ceilings shatter. Now that I’m done with my little woman empowerment rant, back to the decor. I’ve actually had most of the things from Target for a while, but didn’t love how I displayed them until now. My final piece of decor is this cute light pink heart shaped jewelry holder. Clearly, I have no intention of using as a jewelry holder but it’s my little nod to Valentine’s Day while it still being appropriate for all year round. Let’s also give a little nod to my crooked State Champs poster that hangs underneath my floating shelf, cheers on not knowing how to hang a poster straight. In case you didn’t know, State Champs is my favorite band so I, of course had to have them in my space.

Well, that about wraps up my updated room decor and little Homesense haul. Have you ever shopped at Homesense? What’s your favorite piece in my room? Do you have anything specific that you must have as decor items in your room? Let me know down in the comments, I really love chatting with you guys! Thanks for stopping by, until next time….

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25 thoughts on “New Year, New Home Decor : Homesense Haul

    1. oh gosh so could i! the first time I went was with my mom and she just breezed through it she didn’t understand that you need to take your time and sniff every candle so of course i had to go back on my own, which is how i ended up with these pieces x

  1. You’re room looks lovely! I rarely get to Homesense as there isn’t one very close to me but I’m always so jealous of the things that people manage to find there! I totally don’t blame you for the Connor Franta purchase, I’ve always thought Note to Self is such a stunning cover

  2. I have nowhere to decorate in my room and it makes me so sad! It’s a loft conversion so I don’t really have much straight wall space to put stuff on, my makeup units stand against them and all I have to decorate those with is brush pots and perfume bottles…I love the nameplate that Keira got you, it’s so cute and her reasoning is even sweeter. I don’t think we have Homesense here? Definitely not near me anyway. I think I’m missing out x


    1. thank you! i think you are missing out, because I know Homesense came over from the UK. that’s a sin they don’t have one near you! i actually really love decorating with my brushes (when they’re clean, which to be fair is rare) xx

  3. So many cute pieces here and the nameplate from your friend is just adorable! We all love a candle too! I’m literally just in the process of redecorating my bedroom, the whole lot – all new furniture, new bed, paint and a feature wall with wallpaper from Laura Ashley which is the dream 😍 I was in Ikea this week and they have a whole fake flowers section, it was so beautiful. I definitely want to get some for finishing touches when my room is fiiiiinally complete! Great post beauts xx

  4. Such cute decoration pieces, I don’t have many places to decorate in my room! The name plate your friend got you is so cute and thoughtful, it’s so lovely having a friend that supports you ❤️

    Chloe xx

  5. These are all so cute!! I haven’t been to a Homesense yet (I’m the worst 🙈) but I’m going to make it my mission to go soon! I’m given my room a re-vamp soon, so I can’t wait to pick up some pieces from there for myself!

    Beka |

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