How To Care for Pets with Chronic Ear Infections

Hey Guys! I hope you’re all doing well! Today I wanted to speak on something a little different ear infections, specifically in our pets. Even more specifically in Golden Retrievers. If you don’t have a pet or this post just isn’t really your thing, I have a bunch of other Lifestyle posts for you to check out! Otherwise let’s get into it!

If you don’t know I have an 8 year old golden retriever named Lily. For the most part, she is a healthy dog. She’s a little on the chubby side but so am I so, I can’t knock her for it. However one thing she struggles with is ear infections. Her entire life in the Fall and Spring she gets ear infections, like one after another. Due to things like allergies and the lack of air flow most Golden’s (and other dogs with floppy ears) get, they are more prone to ear infections. For the past few years I have been the one to care for Lily’s ears. There are some tale tell sings that your dog has an ear infection. Today I’m going to cover the specific ways to care for them once they do have the infection.

How to Care For Pets With Chronic Ear Infections 1


If you know your pet is prone to ear infections there are some steps that you should be doing at least once a month to help prevent the infection.

I like to check Lily’s ear about once a week and take notice of the color. If the inside of your pets ear is light pink, everything is good no infection. However if you notice that it is a medium pink to light red, you’ll want to give their ears a good cleaning. An infection hasn’t started just yet but something is irritating them, so it’s best to make sure you have no discharge when cleaning their ear.

How to clean out your dogs ear

Depending on the coloring of your dogs ear, there are two ways you can do a routine ear cleaning.

If your the dogs ear is a light pink, you can take a cleaning wipe that you can get from your local pet supply store and wipe down the inside of their ears. However if you suspect that an infection is brewing, the wipe will not be enough. Since the infection is actually at the base of the ear canal you’re going to need to do a flush of the ear. Take a liquid cleanser, that again you can get at your local pet supply shop. Squeeze a liberal amount into the base of their ear, and give them a nice ear massage. (Make sure you emphasis what a good doggie their being) Then with a cotton ball swab out any debris that got lifted during the massage.

Caring for Pets with Ear Infections

How to tell if your dog has an infection

Our pets do their best to communicate with us when something is off with them. Some signs to pay attention for during an ear infection are

  • Shaking of the head
  • Licking their paw & cleaning their ear
  • Bright red ear canal
  • Reddish Brown discharge in the ear

If you notice that your pet is doing any of these, it’s best to take them to the vet immediately. While you may think you know the reasoning behind your pets infection it’s important to still take them to the vets, or at least give the vet a call. Once at the vets, their doctor will take an ear swab and test it. This allows them to determine the cause of the infection & prescribe your pet with the right medication.

Post Infection Treatment

If your pet does suffer from allergies and the main infection has been cleared up, your vet may suggest some other treatments to tend to the allergies. For Lily, our vet has recommended giving her an over the counter allergy medicine like Benadryl. If this is the course you take, it’s very important that you speak to your vet so you give them the correct dosage. Lily, is able to have one milligram of medicine per pound. She is 84 pounds, so she can have 84 milligrams of medicine. We only give her 75mg which is 3 pills simply because it’s easier then cutting the pills up.

Another option the vet may give you is washing your pet more. If your pet suffers from a allergy to things such as pollen, that allergen is going to just be sitting on their skin and bother them until their next bath. That is why vets will recommend you wash them more. However, I understand that’s not realistic for most families. It sure isn’t for us, Golden’s are big strong dogs and bathing them is a process.

Chronic Ear Infections in Pets

Life with Allergies

Just like for us, life with allergies is unavoidable for our pets. Also like for us, being outside is unavoidable for our pets. They are going to come into contact with their allergen, and they are going to suffer from ear infections. However for the one who suffer with chronic ear infections, there are things you can do to help make them suffer a little less. What’s most important is that you handle them with care and love. Keep them calm when they start to fidget, and reward them afterwards.

How do you care for your pet when they’re sick? Do you have a pet with chronic ear infections? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by, until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

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  1. Aww poor Lily!! It sounds like you’re a good dog mum though and seem to know when it looks like she might be getting ill. Thankfully Hugo hasn’t ever been poorly, I hate that they can’t tell us (properly) when something is wrong x


    1. i hate thinking that she’s in pain during them, although she never seems to be that bothered by them. i am surprised though that she hasn’t caught on to the fact that 85% of car rides mean we’re going to the vets because of an ear infection lol! x

  2. My dog has had LOADS of ear problems in his life. Apparently his breed/s are prone to them? But he’s had to have his ears surgically cleaned, drops, serums and all sorts!


    1. oh man, more little guy! from the photos i’ve seen of him on twitter i imagine it has to do with the way his ears lay. I know golden’s don’t get enough airflow due to floppy ears. it also gets worse if we don’t keep the hair around lily’s ears trimmed well.

  3. Ah! Yes, my dad has always had Golden Retrievers and as long as I can remember the poor things have gotten an ear infection. This is so helpful! I love Goldens, so I’ll probably end up getting one as well. Now I know what to do.

    Also, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Rules are here
    Congrats and thank you for sharing!

    1. thank you! i appreciate you nominating me ♥️ i did a post about the sunshine blogger award a few months back xx

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