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Hey Lovelies! Hope you’re all doing well! At the beginning of the year, I started to think about what I wanted to include on this blog. This will be the first year that I am fully a lifestyle blog and consistently posting so I needed to do some serious planning. Resourceful blogging posts aren’t really my specialty but, they are certainly something I want to get more into. The only other post like this I’ve done is my favorite apps for blogging. That post went over pretty well, so I thought I’d take another go at that type of post. It’s no secret (and if it is well, cats out the bag) I am no photographer. However I really enjoy having high quality images in my posts. So, how do I get high quality images when I’m not a photographer? Stock Images baby!

Stock Images

Are stock images taboo to talk about in the blogging world? I’ve never been sure, I mean I don’t see why they would be. As long as you aren’t breaking copyright laws then they can be a great asset in your blogging journey. I’m sure you all know about to typical stock image sites like Unsplash or Pexels but today I want to share with you a more specific set of stock image sites.

When I’m writing a post I tend to have a theme in mind on what I want the imagery to be based on. For example, in my last post I focused on oceans because the title of my post was “It comes in waves.” I typically try to keep a light, bright and feminine theme throughout my stock images. Which is where today’s post idea was born. These are my favorite feminine stock image sites.

Feminine stock photo

Ivory Mix

Honestly, I’m gonna tell you right now all of the sites I’m mentioning have the same idea around their photos. Which is why I like them so much. The first one I wanna tell you about is Ivory Mix. I’ve used a lot of photos from this site, it was probably the first feminine stock photo site that I came across.

You can sign up for emails and instantly get access to over 550 photos! You will also get emails every month with new free stock images keeping things fresh and up to date!

Kate Max Stock

The next one that I want to tell you guys about is Kate Max Stock. What I really love about her photos is how much white space there is. Typically, I like the actual photo to take a backseat to the wording I have overlaying the image. This site has a lot of great minimalistic photos, which works great for the purpose I’m seeking them for.

With most of these sites you can sign up for emails and get free images sent to you every month. There is also the option for free images from Kate’s Instagram Stories. Just hold the image down and screen shot it!

SC Stockshop

I know I sound like a broken record and I still have two other sites I wanna tell you about but, stick with me. SC Stockshop gives you the ability to zone in on the type of photos you want, allowing you to search through different colors & categories. You can pay for the images but she offers so many free options that I find it unnecessary.

If you sign up for emails now you’ll instantly get 20 free images. Along with that, you will receive helpful business emails with tips and tricks on how to grow your online business. I really enjoy that it’s not just about the images, but successful business advice as well!

The Stock Boutique

The next two that I’m going to tell you about are still kinda new to me. The first of two is The Stock Boutique. Like I mentioned earlier I enjoy photos that have a lot of white space so that you’re more focused on the words than the picture. This site does just that. Bright whites, lifestyle centered, perfect for my brand!

You guessed it, if you sign up for emails you will be sent monthly freebies. I love the idea of getting fresh photos every month, and saving them to your phone. This way you’ll always have the perfect photo whenever creativity strikes and you wanna make an image for your social media’s.


Last one I wanna share with you guys is Pixistock. I absolutely love this site. Like with all the other sites I mentioned, you can purchase photos or you can just use the free photos you get monthly.

When signing up for monthly freebies, you will be sent an email once a month with a password to unlock your free images. What I really enjoy with this site is the amount of free images you get. You typically get 3-6 free images each month, some that already have the perfect instagram motivational quote on them!

feminine stock images

The Power of Stock Images

Whether you are looking for an image to make an Instagram graphic, Pinterest pin, or just add some visuals to your blog posts stock images can really come in handy.

Taking your own photos is great, and I do try to incorporate them whenever I can. However, it isn’t realistic for us to always have the right props to capture the imagery we are searching for. Like I mentioned towards the beginning of this post, as long as you are following the licensing rules from the photographers images I see nothing wrong with stock images.

What do you think about using stock images? Do you have a favorite site to get images from? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by, until next time..

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x


Simply Michelle

Hi! I’m Mich. I’m a 26 year old young woman trying to navigate adulthood and all the challenges it brings. On Simply Michelle you will find genuine posts about a wide range of topics from mental health & faith to makeup & baking. This is my safe place to be vulnerable and hopefully you'll feel that you can do the same. I hope you stick around!

Be Nice. Be Good. x

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  1. That is such a great list. Will check them out

    1. thanks! i hope you enjoy them! xx

  2. Lellalee says:

    Thank you for sharing these resources, I’m heading over to these sites to take a look right now xxx

    1. amazing! glad you found it helpful! xx

  3. I’ve started using Ivory Mix a lot lately and I love her photos. I’m going to try out a couple of the others you mention too, thank you for sharing!


    1. thanks jenny! hope you found some photos you’d like to use in the future! xx

  4. Creative Nails says:

    Stock images provide some really great options for people that need them, luckily my posts have the images taken care of hah. I’d definitely use them though if I needed some as you are right – I think it would be impossible to always have the right props etc for style and look of photo that you want/need! I’ll make sure to keep note of these websites though so thank you for sharing 🙂


    1. yeah! they are great to filter in. like makeup posts, my photos are taken care of but inspirational posts it can be hard to have all the right props!

  5. Hannah says:

    There are so many good stock photos out there but I haven’t actually heard of any of these so I’ll be sure to check them out!!

    1. i hope you find some photos you like xx

  6. Ashlee says:

    I already had ivory mix, but thanx to you I’ve got SC stockshop, now. Yes gurl, this is a great post!!

    1. thanks ashlee! glad you found it helpful! xx

  7. This is such a useful list. I’ve never actually used stock photos before but this is so handy in case I ever need them x


    1. thanks sophie! glad you found it useful xx

  8. Alpana says:

    Thanks a lot for this post! I was in the lookout for free pics for my website ! This post is a goldmine, I saved your link to my fav posts in notes 😊

    1. thank you! so glad it was helpful for you!

  9. Mashibaby says:

    I use Pixabay:)

    1. i haven’t used that one yet, i’ll have to look into it!

  10. I can’t say I have ever used stock photos before. But this is such a great list to help out other bloggers. It’s always great to learn the best apps and places to go for things like this xx

    1. thanks! hopefully you find some use for it in the future xx

  11. This is so handy for newbie bloggers, thank you for this help x

    1. thank you for reading! glad you found it helpful! xx

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