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Beauty Regimen Series- Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well! Last week I introduced a new three part series here on my blog. It’s all about my current beauty regimen. Last time, I talked to you guys about my current skincare routine. This week, we’re talking all about my makeup routine.

This is the makeup I wear everyday, it’s perfect for us working woman (and men) who just want to look put together without spending a whole lot of time getting ready in the morning. If that sounds like you, or you’re just noisy like I am and wanna know the products I use keep on reading.

Makeup Routine

Base Makeup- Foundation, Concealer, Powder

Like I mentioned above, this is the makeup I wear everyday. Since I don’t typically fuss with eyeshadow for my everyday look, I’ll go in and do my base first. First, I’ll go in with my Becca Backlight Priming Filter. I can’t do my makeup without this product, my skin just looks dull without it. It’s an illuminating primer that gives your skin this beautiful lit from within glow.

Then, I’ll go in with my foundation. I could never use another foundation besides this one again in my life, and I would be perfectly happy. Now that you’re on the edge of your seats the foundation I use is, Light Wonder by Charlotte Tillbury in Fair 1. This is a light to medium coverage product that again adds a bit of healthy glow to your skin. What I love about this product is that it looks like your skin and not like a layer of makeup. It is a pricey product but I’ve never been more impressed with a foundation so I believe it’s worth the price tag.

Next, it’s time for concealer. I honestly don’t have just one concealer that I use. It gets switched it up almost everyday. Let me know if you’d like a separate post on all the concealers I use! For the sake of this post the concealer I’ve been using for the past few days is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Chantilly. Have you caught on yet that I like have a glow to my skin? I’ll put this product right on the inner corners and underneath my eyes to really cancel out any darkness. Personally, I like concealers that cover well but I don’t want them to be heavy.

Finally for my base, I’ll want to set all my work in place. My all time favorite powder is the Maybelline Fit Me loose powder, I’ve mentioned this in my Best of Beauty 2018 and I’m still loving it. My skin looks absolutely flawless when using this product. It’s not heavy, or drying which is great considering how much work I put into my skin looking glowy.

Base Makeup

Eye Makeup- Brows & Mascara

Do you ever look back in photos before you started doing your brows and wonder why anyone EVER let you leave the house like that? Brows make such a huge difference if you’re fair like I am. I’m very picky about my brow pencils, once I find one I like I’m not going to change it.

Thankfully I found one that’s amazing and inexpensive! I use the ColourPop Brow Boss pencil in Brunette. The color is perfect for my skin tone and looks nice with my hair color because, I can’t be bothered to dye my brows the same color as my hair. More importantly the formula of the product is great. It glides easy enough that you aren’t tugging at your skin but it also doesn’t slide all over your face. I then go in with the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder in Soft Brown to set the pencil in place.

If I’m not doing eyeliner or eyeshadow then I’ll be doing about 80 million coats of mascara so that my lashes stand out. I have been using the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara which I got in my Boxycharm back in February. I was on the fence about this product for a while, but I actually have been really enjoying it. The brush is larger so it can get a little messy but, seeing as how I don’t usually wear eyeshadow I can just clean it up once it dries. It makes my lashes look long, thick and black which is exactly what I want from a mascara.

Eyes, Brows

Cheek Makeup- Bronzer, Blush, Highlighter

This is where it starts to get really fun for me. Up to this point in my makeup routine everything has been pretty flat and one dimensional. However, once I get to my bronzer that’s when I’m able to bring life back into my look. I’ve been using the Elf Primer Infused Bronzer in Forever Sunkissed and really enjoying it. I’ve mentioned before how it can be hard to wear bronzer when you’re as fair as I am. They always tend to be too dark or warm, but not this one! This one has the perfect undertone and enough depth to make you look sun kissed and sculpted.

Then, I’ll go in with my blush. I tend to keep it pretty simple with my blush. I love a neutral peachy nude like the Jouer Blush Bouquet in Adore. It comes with two blushes, Adore Me and Hold Me. This product has just enough life to it too where you’re cheeks have a healthy glow without looking glittery. Nude Peach undertones always compliment my skin due to my blue eyes. So if your skin is anything like mine, you’ll love this.

Finally, I go in with my highlight. The best part of my makeup routine if you ask me. I want you to be able to see my highlight from space. Everything else will look natural, but my highlight alone needs to be full stage makeup level. The one I’ve been really enjoyed lately is the Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter. It has a pink undertone which again, looks great on my skin. It stays on all day and makes my cheeks SHIIIIIIIIIINE.

Cheek Makeup

Wrap Up

That wraps up my current makeup routine. As for what I wear on my lips it’s super basic and honestly not something I do everyday so I didn’t wanna give it its own category. When I do wear a lip product it’s the Nars Afterglow Lip Balm in Orgasm. It’s got a pretty pinky peach glow to it that’s so simple and comfortable to throw on through out the day.

I hope you guys have been enjoying this series, please let me know if you have in the comments. Don’t forget to stay tuned for my hair care routine coming up soon. That post will be perfect for you fellow red heads out there!

What is your everyday makeup routine like? Do you have a favorite product? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by, until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x

Simply Michelle

Hi! I’m Mich. I’m a 26 year old young woman trying to navigate adulthood and all the challenges it brings. On Simply Michelle you will find genuine posts about a wide range of topics from mental health & faith to makeup & baking. This is my safe place to be vulnerable and hopefully you'll feel that you can do the same. I hope you stick around!

Be Nice. Be Good. x

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  1. I love reading posts about what makeup people have been using as it always gives me ideas on what I need to try out! I wish it was easier to get color pop in the uk as their makeup looks amazing, I haven’t tried most of these so I’ll have to check them out! X

  2. I love hearing about people’s every day routines because you can really see what people love massively. That’s why I’ve been loving this series you’ve done! You’ve got some really cool products here which I haven’t tried but I might have to after this post. I’ve done a few make up routine posts on my blog and I love experimenting with new products and finding the one routine which makes you feel amazing. My staple for feeling like a boss is a good red lip and a perfect blush!
    Alex xx

  3. I love reading makeup routines, they always interest me and give me really good ideas for the future!

  4. I like reading about people’s every day make up and seeing how much it differs. I don’t wear make up every day – rarely actually, unless I’m going out anywhere nice or seeing anyone that isn’t my parents or boyfriend haha!

  5. I’m so nosey i absolutely love knowing what people use as their HG products. I love the sound of Light Wonder but they don’t go pale enough for me to try it, so annoying. I love foundations that still look like skin. That highlighter sounds like the kind I usually go for, I really like pink/ pearl tones on my skin. My makeup routine is really simple right now because I’m still not wearing eye makeup (cry). My favourite go-to is probably the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector though x


  6. I have yet to get a really amazing primer – personally I don’t wear makeup day to day but some days I really feel like I’d like to (it’s all about having a bb cream/foundation to match my skin tone though.)

    Brow pencils are always a struggle for me – I always have to make sure I don’t overdo it! The highlight is always the best part – it’s always a question of if I want to outshine the sun today haha. I would say my favorite product would have to be my mascara- can’t remember the name of it as I’m typing it but I got it from Ulta and it’s life changing!

  7. Great tips!

  8. I have the same issue with bronzer as well! I’m the summer it’s fine, but in the winter I can never find a shade that works! (same with concealer actually – my winter and summer shades are wildly different)

  9. Alpana says:

    Thank you for that detailed post on basic make up routine regimen. I am excited to read about hair care routine!

  10. Your skin always looks flawless on the gram Mich, thanks for sharing with us your beauty routine! I used NARS concealer once and it’s something I definitely want to keep in my cosmetic bag! I tried Better Than Sex mascara and it gave me full lashes without feeling like I had to apply 5 coats 😁

    Natonya |

  11. I’m such a nosey person so I love seeing what other people’s routines are!

    I’ve found that the older I get, the less base makeup I want to wear. Recently I’ve been using a moisturiser, light powder, a soft bronzer and blush to warm up my face. That’s about it as regards my face. I am trying to be more bold and bright with my eye makeup though but cutting down on my base gives me more time to play and be more creative with my eyes.


    1. the summer time is a great time to experiment with less base makeup!

  12. […] back I did a little series on my blog all about my current beauty routine. It included skincare, makeup, and haircare. My haircare is something I get bored with fairly quickly so I’m always trying […]

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