Beauty Regimen Series: Haircare Routine

Hey guys! Hope you’re all well, today I’m back with my third and final installment of my beauty regimen series and I’ll be talking you through my haircare routine. I’ve done a post on my current makeup routine and my skincare routine as apart of this series, so be sure to also check those out!

For those who don’t know, a couple months back I dyed my hair red. This is I think the third time I went back to having red hair and without fail, I forget how essential your routine is to preserving your color. This time around though I think I’ve finally cracked the code on how to prolong your hair color, because red color fades SO FAST. Certain products I’ll be mentioning are specific for caring for red hair, but majority can be used regardless of your hair color.

Do you really have to treat your hair different if it’s colored?

Short answer, yes you do. There is a good reason behind it, besides it costing an arm and a leg to get your hair done at a salon when you color your hair. If  you’re using permanent dye you’re opening the cuticle of your hair shaft. This allows the hair color molecules to get deep into the hair, aka what makes it a permanent color. There are certain chemicals within shampoo’s that will over time start to break down the hair color molecules and essentially wash the color right out of your hair. It may seem just like a ploy to sell you expensive products but, when hair stylists recommend you salon quality products they’re really just helping you not wash your money down the drain.

Shampoo; What I use & How often I wash

First I want to address how often I wash my hair. Regardless of if you have colored hair or not, it’s best to only wash your hair at most 3 times a week. Every time you wash, you’re washing away the natural oils that your scalp creates. These oils are essential to the health of your hair. If you wash too often, your scalp will think it needs to produce more oil which will lead to you having greasier hair. Personally I wash my hair twice a week, once over the weekend and once during the week.

Products I Use

Since I only wash my hair twice a week, I do a deep clean each time. The first shampoo I go in with is specifically for red hair. I use the Tressa WaterColors Shampoo in Crimson Splash. This is a color depositing shampoo, meaning it’s adding color to my hair each time I use it. The actual shampoo itself is a deep red color so I do have to be careful to not stain my shower. I have really noticed a difference in the vibrancy of my red since using this product. They offer different hues to enhance any color on the spectrum.

The next shampoo I go in with is the Wella Brilliance Invigo for Fine to Normal Hair. I was introduced to this product by my hair stylist, and I really enjoy it. I love getting haircare recommendations from my hair stylist, because she knows what she’s talking about. Honestly, my favorite thing about this product is the scent. Since there are a good amount of days in between hair washes I want my hair to smell good. It also does a great job at protecting my hair color.

Haircare shampoo


It’s no secret that coloring your hair is going to bring along some damage. To counter act that, I go in with a deep conditioner each time I was my hair. You could just use regular conditioner but again, I only wash my hair twice a week so I like to treat myself. The one I use is the Wella Brilliance Invigo Deep Conditioning Treatment for Fine to Normal Hair. What I love most about hair masks is that I can put them in and then carry on with the rest of my shower.

After I shampoo my hair, I’ll wring out any excess water and cover my hair in the mask. Then I throw my hair up into a bun and carry on with washing my face, my body and shaving. After that I have about a ten minute dance party to Beyoncé to really let the mask set in and then rinse it out.

haircare condition

Styling Products

One of the most important parts of my haircare routine is the styling products I use. I flat iron my hair, and heat styling can cause your color to fade quickly. Especially red hair. To make sure it doesn’t happen I use a heat protecting cream. The one I’m using is the Bumble and Bumble All Style Blow Dry Cream. I’ll put a dime size amount of this in my palms and evenly distribute it throughout my hair, staying away from the roots. With fine hair especially, you want to keep products away from the roots to prevent them from weighing down your hair. I then go in with the Matrix Total Results Veletizer which helps protect against UV rays. The sun is another thing that can cause red hair to fade, so I like to take any precautions I can.

haircare styling

Hair’s Done and Ready to go

And Voila, my hair is washed and styled. I have had a lot of success with these products keeping my red vibrant. This haircare routine is something I’d use regardless of my hair color. The only product that would change is my red shampoo. I would recommend these products to anyone who has colored hair.

The way I look at it is, while yes it’s “just hair” and it can easily be changed. It is also the first thing people see when they look at you. What is your holy grail haircare product? Let me know in the comments so I know if I need to add it to my routine. I hope you enjoyed this series, because I loved sharing it with you guys. Thanks for stopping by, until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x

Simply Michelle

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  1. Your hair is gorgeous! Do you use dry shampoo during the week? I am guilty of washing my hair every day or every other day. If I don’t, my hair gets oily and nasty looking and unfortunately dry shampoo doesn’t do much justice.

    1. thank you and yes i’ll use dry shampoo when I remember. If my roots look a bit greasy i’ll usually just style my hair in a way that hides it and only really use the dry shampoo in my bangs.

      also it’s gonna be a tough transition but if you go through a period where you don’t wash your hair much, your scalp and hair will adjust and will help make your hair less oily. 💕

      1. Very true! I should trust my hair will train itself to be less oily. Thank you for the tip!

  2. Your hair looks absolutely amazing. What a colour x

    1. thank you debbie❤️

  3. Great post – I love your hair. I have a very basic hair care routine. Well, I wouldn’t even call it a routine tbh. I just wash it with whatever shampoo and conditioner we have in the house a couple of times a week haha. I don’t do anything to my hair though so it doesn’t need much looking after!

    1. thank you! i use to not do a whole lot to it either, but working in a beauty store and having to pay to coloring it on my own makes me wanna protect the color at all cost lol xx

  4. Awesome post! My haircare routine is quite simple, only using heat on my hair every other day but my hairdresser says my hair is quite strong and in good condition for someone who uses heat quite often 🙂

    Shannon x

    1. it’s that great when your hair status healthy even after all you put it through, my hair is the same way!

  5. Mich all though we have different hair types, this blog post was super helpful for me. I’ve been searching high and low for a blow out cream for stretching my curls to wear my afros. Never thought to check out Bumble and Bumble, I see this brand all the time in Sephora 👏🏾 gonna check it out and do some research, thanks for sharing!🤘🏾😜

    Natonya |

    1. totally recommend bumble and bumble, their curl line is actually a very big seller at the store i work at! xx

      1. Ok this is good to know, thanks for the tip♥️

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