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Blogmas Day 4; Christmas In New York

Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend! We are back with a new week of blogmas content which means we are one week closer to Christmas! This past weekend my older brother and his girlfriend were kind enough to take me to New York City for the day to experience the magic of Christmas in New York.

I live about an hour and a half away from New York by train but haven’t been at Christmas time in nearly 15 years. Wow, okay that just made me feel really old. Christmas in New York is something I wish everyone could experience, but since they can’t I’m going to share my experience with you. Let me know in the comments your favorite place to visit around Christmas time.


The first place we went in New York was a town called Soho, it’s the more high end and expensive part of the city. Not that the whole of New York isn’t expensive but, companies that have limited store fronts will usually have on in Soho. My brothers girlfriend wanted to take me to a place called Georgetown Cupcakes. They are a gourmet cupcake place from the popular TLC show DC Cupcakes.


We each selected two cupcakes to try because they had so many different variations. I ended up going with Santa’s Chocolate Chip & Holiday Lava Fudge. I preferred the Santa Chocolate Chip but I think thats because I perfect white/vanilla cake over chocolate cake. They were gone in about 5 minutes regardless of which I preferred more. These would be the perfect gift to send a loved one with a sweet tooth.


Winter Village at Bryant Park

The next place that we went was the Winter Village at Bryant Park. I had never been to Bryant Park, let alone a winter village. The moment we walked in I was in Christmas heaven and you could see it on my face. Proudly noted by my brother. They had a bunch of tiny pop-up shops of gifts and different foods. The only down side was that you couldn’t really move, it was so packed. I would love to go back on a day where it’s not as crowded but, what can you expect from the first Saturday in December in New York. .


One thing my brother was set on getting were these mozzarella sticks from a place called Big Mozz. He has had them before and knew that they were right up my ally. While we haven’t been having the healthiest day with cupcakes and mozzarella sticks, we were walking it all off. Guys, when I tell you I have never in my life had a better mozzarella stick I mean that with my whole entire being. They had parmesan cheese sprinkled on top and were browned to perfect. Thank God they don’t have a location near me or I’d be getting these everyday.


Rockefeller Christmas Tree

The last place that we went, and the main reason we went to New York was for the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. I never imagined a Christmas Tree making me so emotional but, when I saw it the joy of Christmas just filled my soul and I started to cry. To let you in on my emotions a little, this time last year something like the day I had wouldn’t have been possible to do with my brother. Simply because of the health risks that a crowd like that would bring. Being there with him, with cancer being a distant memory proved how much magic the Christmas season can bring.


You can see the tree lite up either during the day or at night, honestly night time is so worth it. Overall it was a wonderfully magical day that I won’t soon be forgetting. If you live near New York City, and you’re alright with very large crowds I highly recommend checking out New York at Christmas. I have seen the lighting of the tree on TV for years but nothing will beat seeing it in person.

What places do you enjoy visiting this time of year? Have you ever been to New York at Christmas, what was your favorite part about it. I love chatting with you all in the comments. Today’s free gift is a This or That instagram story template! Put it on your story, tag some friends and get to know your followers more! Be sure to tag me on instagram if you use it so I can see your answers! Thanks for stopping by, until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x



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  1. I would love to be in New York for Christmas one year!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. It was a lot of fun! make sure you’re okay with crowds though!

  2. those cupcakes look so cute! I would love to go to New York at christmas time, my best friend went last year and said it was amazing x

    1. they were so tasty! definitely go if you get the chance! really crowded but it’s worth it! x

  3. Great post – I honestly believe you can’t do Christmas in New York without visiting the Rockefeller Christmas Tree…. Would it really be Christmas then??? lol

    1. completely agree!

  4. I’ve never been to New York for Christmas, I went for New Year once but I’d love to go earlier in December. I’m so glad you got to do this with your brother. I nearly started tearing up when you were talking about not knowing if it would have been possible last year. You guys always seem to have a great relationship x


    1. that’s so sweet of you to say, we do have a fairly good relationship. it’s nice seeing that a good relationship is important to both of us as we get older so we put the effort in

  5. hannahthemaddog says:

    I’ve been to NYC twice but not for Christmas. I would absolutely love to go someday. I go to San Francisco around Christmas which is like NYC on a smaller scale. And I remember watching DC cupcakes too!

    Hannah the Mad Dog

    1. ohh i’ve never been somewhere warm for christmas! i’m an east coaster so it’s usually pretty cold at christmas time, would be fun to experience something different at the holidays

  6. Wow, New York looks amazing this time of year! I’m from the UK and I’ve been to NY once but in the summer. Thanks for sharing your pics 🙂

    1. If you ever get the chance to come around christmas I highly recommend it! xx

  7. New York is the most magical place during Christmas time! I love the Rockefeller tree (and the radio City Christmas spectacular) but I never tried those donuts in Soho, they sound lovely!

    Ash |

  8. I always wanted to experience Christmas in New York, I think Home Alone 2 is to blame 😂. Okay, the holiday lava fudge cupcake sounds right up my alley 😋. I haven’t been to a winter village this year but I know New York’s villages are spectacular! Can we please acknowledge how crispy those cheese sticks look?! My mouth is literally watering buckets right now🤤🧀. I’m so glad you captivated the iconic Christmas tree, it looks so pretty and festive. So cool you gave us a mental glimpse to what New York offers during the December holidays, I feel like I’m going on the holiday tour with you guys!🎄

    Natonya |

    1. the cheese sticks were SO good. if you ever get the opportunity to visit nyc around the holidays i highly recommend it! xx

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