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12 Days of Blogmas; Day 5: Slowing Down During the Holiday Season

Hey guys! Welcome Back! I’m a little off schedule with my blogmas posts because well, life got in the way. Which is actually what inspired me to write today’s post. It was suppose to be about how to decorate on a budget but instead I want to talk about slowing down during the hectic holiday season. It seems as though the list of things to do during this time of year is never ending. Gifts to buy, parties to attend and/or host, planning your budget and setting goals for the upcoming year. How any of us actually find time to enjoy the season is still a mystery to me.

Being Forced To Slow Down

With recently being laid off from my job, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed. How could I be unemployed three weeks before Christmas!? I still have so many gifts to buy, and bills to pay. I don’t even know what type of job I want to pursue. It felt like everything was falling apart, I had no job, my car was a mess, and the amount of dirty clothes was drastically outweighing the amount of clean ones. It hasn’t all been bad, this situation has forced me to take some time to myself, and honestly it’s been amazing. Whether you’re going through a tough time right now or just have a never ending to-do list, here are some ways you can slow down and enjoy the season.

Unplug From The Digital World

I did an entire post on staying positive in a digital world the other week, and recently I have been trying to be more mindful about the amount of time I spend on social media. Sure it can be great to see what friends and family are up to at this time of year but, there comes a point where we are only experiencing things for the sake of social media.

How many of you have gone to do a “holiday” themed activity and instead of being there in the moment your mind goes to, “Oh this would be a great pic for the gram.” This is not mean to shame anyone, I do it as well. Heck I just did it regarding my Christmas in New York post. There is something refreshing though about not sharing every moment from the ugly sweater party you and your friends threw on Instagram. Separating yourself from whats going on in the digital world will allow you to have the mental space to really enjoy time with your loved ones.

Holiday Themed Pamper Night

This would have to be my favorite way to spend the night, if I’m honest. We all know that the world of beauty has absolutely no shortage of holiday themed bath products. Just the other night I started reading a Christmas rom-com novel while soaking my worries away in a gingerbread scented bubble bath.

Pop on your favorite face mask that will help combat the acne we’re all getting from sugar overload and stress. Toss in your favorite Christmas bath bomb, Lush offers my favorite bath products especially at the holidays. Then jingle all the way to a state of pure bliss. Follow your bath with a nice cup of hot coco and snuggle in to watch your favorite Christmas film. While this is the season of giving, you can’t give if your cup is empty. It’s important to remember to prioritize yourself during the holidays so that you don’t turn into mr. or mrs. grinch.

Dance to Christmas Music

I know some people have already had their fill of Christmas music because it gets played earlier and earlier each year but, hear me out. Whether you’re decorating the tree with your significant other, making dinner with your parents or just want to have a dance party with your dog Christmas music can cure all. The magic that comes along with singing songs you only listen to once a year with the ones you love is practically indescribable.

If you’re having a particularly hard time, it allows you to reminisce on better times. This help you hold onto hope that not every year is going to be so challenging. Last year during my brothers cancer treatment, listening to Christmas music was the only way I was able to enjoy the season. During the simple moments like when you’re feeling frustrated from being stuck in traffic, Christmas music helps you to remember what the season is all about.

Reason For the Season

Theses are some ways that you are able to slow down and enjoy the holiday season. We wait all year for the holidays and then they’re gone in the blink of an eye. The most important thing is to remember what and why we are celebrating. I don’t just mean the religious reason, I mean that the holidays represent family. While it may be stressful because the list of gifts to buy gets longer each year, be thankful you can afford to buy gifts and have people to buy gifts for. During all the hustle and bustle that comes along with the holidays, remember to take a moment with those you care for and be present with them.

How do you like to slow down during the stressful holiday season? Let me know in the comments! Today’s FREE Gift is a Holiday Budget Sheet. End the year on a good financial standing while still getting everyone the gifts they want. Thanks for stopping by, until next time..

Be Nice. Be Good. 

Mich. x 


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