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12 Days of Blogmas; Day 9: My Christmas Wish for You 2019

Hey guys! Merry Christmas eve to all those who celebrate and happy holidays to those celebrating a different holiday. Today’s post is going to probably be a fairly quick read because I know we all have a lot of plans with loved ones but, it’s something I started doing last year and wanted to continue the tradition. This is a love letter from me to you, my readers to wish you an incredible holiday.

My Christmas Wish

My dear readers, my wish this year for you is no different than my wish for you at any time of the year. I wish for you all to have a peaceful holiday filled with lots of love and laughter.

For those of you who tend to find the holidays a little hard, or a little lonely. I hope you find at least one reason to smile. The holiday’s can become a month long reminder of the things you don’t have, or who you don’t have. I hope you’re able to find something to be grateful for. Even if it’s just knowing that you helped a lost insecure 20-something year old woman from Pennsylvania find her passion.

For those of you who are going through a rough patch right now, I hope you hold on to the hope of how quickly things can change. At the beginning of this month, I was crippled with anxiety over having just lost my job. Now only a few weeks later, I have a new job all lined up to start of the beginning of January. Life can change in a split second, and I hope you hold onto the thought that good things are coming your way.

For those who are in the happiest moments of their lives. I hope you hold on to that feeling and take a snapshot of it in your mind. Use it as a reminder of what is possible when things inevitably get hard again. Remember who, and what is bringing you this happiness and don’t take it for granted.

Going into 2020

As we head towards a new year, my wish for you is that you’re able to achieve all you set your mind too. I have some of the best readers I could imagine. You always show me support, even when I don’t stay up to date with my scheduled posts. I hope that no matter how big of a dream you have, that you go after it in 2020.

Remember how strong, beautiful capable and deserving of self love you all are. Remember that you always have me rooting you on. I hope you all have the happiest holiday. I’ll speak with you soon. Sending all my love, thanks for stopping by…until next time

Be Nice. Be Good.

Mich. x

Simply Michelle

Hi! I’m Mich. I’m a 26 year old young woman trying to navigate adulthood and all the challenges it brings. On Simply Michelle you will find genuine posts about a wide range of topics from mental health & faith to makeup & baking. This is my safe place to be vulnerable and hopefully you'll feel that you can do the same. I hope you stick around!

Be Nice. Be Good. x

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