How Do You Want to Live in 2020?

Hey guys! Happy New Year! I can not believe that it is already 2020, I feel like 2019 flew by.  Today’s post is going to be about 3 things to keep in mind when writing your new year resolutions. I was at church the other week and the pastor was talking about these 3 things to VALUE when planning out our goals for the year. His sermon really resonated with me and I wanted to put my own spin on what He had said because while 2019 was a good year for me, I feel like 2020 is going to be even better. I want it to be better, and I want your 2020 to be better as well. I believe valuing these 3 ideas will lay the ground work for you to have your best year yet.

Value Rest

When planning out your new year, you want to make sure that you value rest. Both physical rest and spiritual rest. We live in a world where everyone is always busy running to the next thing. We are never taking time to get quiet with ourselves and recharge. Everyone is always chasing a passion at a pace that leads us to burn out, and then rushes on to the next thing. It’s a never ending cycle until you get to the end of your life and realize, you never took time to rest and realize what was important.

Something that the pastor talked about during his sermon was the Sabatth. The Sabbath is meant to be a day of rest. He made a statement that stuck with me, He said “You don’t Sabbath because you’re tired, you sabbath so you don’t GET tired.” While the word Sabbath is a religious term, that statement doesn’t have to apply to religion. It simply means you don’t rest because you’re tired, you rest so that you don’t become tired. If you take the time to value rest in your everyday life, you won’t have to pour from an empty cup, and you’ll be able to enrich your life.

Value Eternity

The next thing to value when planning our your goals for this coming year is eternity. This one isn’t as straight forward as the others because the pastor spoke of it more biblically but I still think it’s a great value to have. Something I’m learning as I get older is that time stops for absolutely no one. Meaning the things we do in life all have a purpose. In terms of religion our choices all lead up to us being reunited with God in heaven and being with him for, Eternity. So everything that we do on this earth is meant lead us home to Him.

In normal everyday life terms it means, do something that your future self will thank you for. Whether that is changing your job, leaving a relationship, or simply creating a budget for yourself. Valuing eternity is going to be what makes you proud to look back on your life and see all these great things you accomplished. I believe that if you value eternity, that is how you are going to see the most positive growth over each year.

2020 goals

Value People

This I think is the most important thing to value when planning out your new year resolutions. We weren’t put on this earth to do life alone, having people in our lives is important. Relationships with others helps us to grow and change. As I mentioned earlier, time stops for no one. You never know how much time we have left with the ones that we love, if you value people you’ll never be left with thinking “what if.”

With the way our society is, it can be really hard to find good people to have in your life. That’s why I find it so important to value the good ones that you do have. Finding like minded people who share similar values opens the door for deep, life long connections. Which as humans, we thrive off of. Another thing that the pastor said that really stuck with me is ” Love God & Love People” and if I’m honest with you guys, that’s going to be my mantra for the year. I find that because I love God it’s easier for me to love people, and accept them as they are.

Embrace Change

The start of the year is always a great time to refresh, and make some changes. However most people fall short of completing their new year resolution. To truly achieve the goals that you set for yourself you have to make the decision to achieve them daily. Most of us say at the start of January, this is the year i’m gonna get healthy but since we don’t make that decision daily we end up falling off the wagon in February.

If you want 2020 to be different than 2019, you’re going to have to put in the work and consciously change something. You guys know I’m never going to push my religion on you but, I will always make myself available to sharing it with you if that’s the change you feel you need to make. 2019 ended so well for me because of my faith, and 2020 is starting well because of my faith. What’s the thing that grounds you and makes you feel centered? How do you want to live in 2020? Let me know down in the comments. Thanks for stopping by, until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

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