You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

A little disclaimer, I wrote this post long BEFORE the pandemic. It’s sat in my drafts for a couple months, but I really like how it turned out. So instead of scraping it I’m going to put it out now. My next post will be written in present time. Hope you enjoy! xx

Hey Guys, I hope you’re doing well. I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” This is referring to pouring your time, energy and love into people and things in our lives. For those of you who don’t know, I have a new job in childcare. Meaning, my entire job is about pouring into these children. They’re depending on me to be there for them everyday, to keep them safe, to listen to their problems, and to comfort them when they’re feeling down. Some even depend on me to feed them and change their diapers.

I love pouring into my kids, it’s extremely rewarding for me but it’s also extremely exhausting. These young kids feed off of my energy. If I’m closed off they’re going to be closed off and not trust me. I’ve had to make sure I make filling my cup back up a priority since starting this job. Today I wanna give you some solutions to refilling your cup that have worked wonders for me.


Jesus Time

For me, spending time with the Lord is the best way to fill up my cup. I don’t do it so that I can get all preachy and read scripture to the children, that’s not my place. Investing time into my relationship with Jesus allows me to show my kids the same type of patience Jesus shows me.

I always like to start my day by listening to a radio station called K-Love as I drive to work. It’s a christian radio station which allows me to almost mindlessly worship Jesus and sets me up to have a positive attitude throughout the day.

Weekly Bible study is something I still attend as well. Working with children opens you up to all of their struggles. You see how their home life affects them, how societal pressure affects them and it can be really heavy at times. Speaking with woman who share similar views as me, gives me the chance to share my struggles and get faithful advice in return.


Good Sleep Schedule

Gone are the days where I could stay up till 2am watching youtube and still function the next day. My days now start around 5:30am and they don’t end until 6:30pm. This means I need my sleep.

I see my kids at the daycare cause such a scene over having to take a nap, while I’m over here begging to closes my eyes for five minutes. I try to keep myself on a good sleep schedule and squeeze in a nap whenever I can. As you can probably tell, my days are pretty busy and I don’t really get much time to myself. When I get in bed at night, is when I like to give myself some much needed me time. I typically get in bed anywhere between 9:30-10:30pm. Then I’ll give myself enough time to either watch one episode of my current show on Netflix (atm it’s Lucifer & I love it) or i’ll watch some YouTube and scroll on social media.

This type of sleep schedule allows time to relax while also not compromising my performance the next day. From a physical standpoint, having a good sleep schedule is going to be the best way to refill your cup.


Time With Loved Ones

As someone who spends majority of her time with people under the age of 10, time with my friends and family is so important to refilling my cup. It’s so easy now a days for your identity to get lost in your job. This can lead to feeling unfulfilled and empty.

We all get tired by the end of the week and it’s easy to just want to push everyone off and watch netflix all weekend. Trust me, i’ve done it and I’ve enjoyed it. However, even just having one of your close friends sit and watch Netflix with you is good for the soul.

Maintaining relationships with those close to you even when you feel like your running on empty is what will keep you going. We all need people that we can count on, vent to, or simply enjoy each other’s company.


Defining Priorities

For me, these 3 things are the most successful ways for me to refill my cup. I put the time and effort that they require because, they bring me joy & mental clarity. It’s impossible to pour into others when you’re mentally fuzzy. Taking time to refill your cup is a form of self care that we tend to overlook. No one is expecting you to be at 100% all day everyday. That’s unrealistic. However you owe it to yourself, to make refilling your cup a priority.

What are some ways you like to refill your cup? What activities bring you the most joy and mental clarity in turn allowing you to pour into others? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by, until next time…

Be Nice. Be Good.

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Simply Michelle

Hi! I’m Mich. I’m a 26 year old young woman trying to navigate adulthood and all the challenges it brings. On Simply Michelle you will find genuine posts about a wide range of topics from mental health & faith to makeup & baking. This is my safe place to be vulnerable and hopefully you'll feel that you can do the same. I hope you stick around!

Be Nice. Be Good. x

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