March Boxycharm & Ulta Beauty Haul

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well! It’s been a little while since I’ve spoken about beauty on my page. I started out as a beauty blogger and while I’m not solely one anymore, I like to keep that element on my page. Today’s kind of a combination post, I wanted to share some beauty […]

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Lush Haul

Hello! Happy Wednesday, I wasn’t planning on posting today but I went on a impulsive trip to Lush and thought I would share with you guys what I bought! This is gonna be a pretty short post considering I haven’t tried any of these yet I just want to show you what I got. Lets […]

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September Beauty Haul

Hello! Welcome Back! I hope you guys are having a great week so far..thankfully the weekend is almost here! Now if you guys are anything like me, you love shopping and you love being nosey & seeing what other people bought…so today I am going to put those things together and give you guys a […]

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