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What Is Success?

Hello! Welcome Back! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. Today, I wanted to talk about something the crosses everyone’s mind at some point or another. What is success? Am I going to be successful? Am I already successful? We are going to dive into all those commonly asked questions and more. We‘re gonna to…

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Cozy Room Essentials

Hello! Welcome Back!! I hope you all had a great relaxing weekend where ever you are! Something you probably don’t know about me is that I’m really big on comfort and coziness. I am a massive homebody meaning my space is very important to me. I currently live at home with my parents so the…

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Dream Travel Destinations

  Hello! Welcome Back! I wanted to give a little update before I jump right into today’s post. If you’ve been following me you may have noticed that there has been a bit of a name change here. I’m really excited to introduce Simply Michelle. With Simply Michelle I want to expand on the topics…

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Hello! Welcome Back! Today I am going to talk about an important topic but also something that has been pretty touchy lately. If you don’t know, I am from America and it seems we’ve had problem after problem and sadly one of our most reoccurring problems is gun violence, specifically in schools. Our most recent massacre was Feb.…

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Give a Little Love

Hello! Welcome Back! With Valentine’s Day being this week I thought it would be appropriate to talk about love… whether that be an act self-love or an act of love for another person, just spreading love. I have always believed the world could use a little more love thrown around. We should strive to always…

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Girl Talk: Self Care

Hello! Welcome Back! Today we are going to talk about something very important and close to my heart, self care. We are going to talk about the importance of self care and I’m going to tell you all my favorite products so that you can have your own self care night! You may be asking,…

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